My Sports Athlete/Person/Human of the Year.

Jan 17, 2013
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Not very often do we get a chance to vote on who our favorite person is or what our favorite accomplishment would be if we had the chance. Oh, we can always dream about being Colin Kaepernick for a day or even LeBron James during the NBA Finals. But in today’s reality we are all faced with many hardships that life offers. Some of us have hardships that are here today and gone tomorrow, while some of us are blessed with hardships that last forever.  Yes, I did say blessed! Perspective is everything in facing today’s realities. I know not everyone has the time or the energy to put forth an effort to change their perspective. Maybe we are just born with the ability the deal with what life offers us, whether it’s fair or unfair. In the case of Conner and Cayden Long, we have two individuals born with the one ability that all of us should have in dealing with life….Courage.

Courage is something that is in all of us. Not very often do we get a chance to display it in such a manner that captures our attention. However, the reason why Conner and Cayden display their courage is simple good old-fashion love. The love these two brothers have for each other is what we all should look to reveal to each other. When anyone is able to display this type of love,  then you have really seen what courage is about.  My vote for favorite Sports Athlete/Person/Human of the Year is the Long brothers. They may not have set any records of athletic achievement, but what they did is give us an answer to that questions that we all need to hear.  “Yes, I love you. This is how much.”

With all that is going on in the world today and with sports in particular, we are the ones who are blessed to see that courage and love still exist.


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Author: Bob Lujano