Keep your New Year’s resolution with the help of 5 gadgets

Jan 06, 2012
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Earlier today I came across an interesting article that caught my attention. With the new year just starting and many of us in deep thought as to how we will fulfill our new year’s resolutions, I found this article to be very fitting. If you are like me, you have vowed to make 2012 the year that you become more healthy and fit; if that is the case then the following 5 health gadget maybe of interest to you:

1. BodyMedia Fit CORE Armband

The band measures the user’s skin temperature, sweat and heat flux (the rate at which heat is coming off your body) 24/7. The CORE band, currently $149, uses these measurements to calculate the total calories burned. Though the device is wireless while you wear it, you do need to plug it into your computer, via the USB port, to recharge and upload data. Once the device has been plugged in, you will see charts on the BodyMedia website showing hourly logs of calories burned, physical activity and steps taken.

2. Striiv

A lightweight keychain, with a built-in accelerometer and altimeter that measures the number of steps you’ve taken, how many stairs you’ve climbed and how fast you’re going. Striiv users are given points for every step you take; you can then use the points to play games that are built into the $99 device.

3. iPod nano

The sixth-generation iPod nano is now equipped with a red fitness icon that offers users three options for charting their workout. The nano comes with a built-in accelerometer, allowing the nano to track both your walks and runs by calculating the distance and estimating calories burned. A history button lets you view your personal bests and workout totals. Besides providing multiple ways to track your workouts, both the 8GB ($129) and 16GB ($149) versions can hold large amounts of music to help keep you entertained during your work out.

4. Fitbit Ultra

A small clip on device, $99, with a built-in accelerometer and altimeter to track the total number of steps you take and how many stairs you climb.

5. Withings Blood Pressure Monitor & Digital WiFi scale

Regular exercise can help reduce your blood pressure, and the $129 Withings blood pressure cuff is a great way to track your blood pressure levels. The blood pressure cuff connects to your iPhone and takes your measurements with the tap of an onscreen button. If you think that is cool, just step on the WiFi scale ($159) and it displays your weight, BMI and total body fat in pounds, then sends that data wirelessly to your smartphone. You can view a graph of your changing weight and blood pressure each day on your iPhone screen.


Each of these gadgets offers its own way of keeping you motivated to keep active, for further information on each of the 5 devices look to the following link

Author: Tamika Jones