Assistive Tech and Indoor Gym/ Outdoor Play

Dec 06, 2011
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Keep active this winter with indoor games!

Three fun indoor/outdoor games Hot Potato, Indoor Soccer and Indoor Volleyball have been made accessible by the addition of internal sound mechanisms inside the ball – so everyone can play.

For the younger set, an accessible hot potato game can be played by forming the children into a circle and passing a ball from hand to hand. The ball emits a musical sound continuously until a pre-set timer unexpectedly turns off the sound. The goal is to have handed off the musical potato to the child next to you so that you are not the one caught holding the potato when it goes silent.  This toy operates on two double AA batteries and sells for about $15 at

A Regulation Soccer Ball with Rattle Pods (rather than bells) is a durable industry standard regulation size (8.5 inches). It has motion-activated rattling disks evenly distributed inside and the rattles continue to sound for a few moments after the ball has stopped moving so that it can be located for the next kick.  This ball sells for about $25 at

A beeping Volleyball (DuraBeep Ball by Sportime) is activated by a switch and beeps continuously during the game. It sells for about $80 at

Author: Tanya

  • Playtech

    The Idea of the potatoe game sounds pretty nice to me. But everything that makes the kids leave us alone for a few minutes sounds nice lol

  • Tdw

    Kids really do get into the hot potato game. I think they use a lot of energy just in emotional engagement in the game.