AT Smart Mobile Assistive Technology

Dec 05, 2011
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The AT and Apple team have come up with a wide range of assistive technology devices that go wherever you go!  New mini-microphones, tiny rechargeable speakers, page bots (balls to turn pages in an eReader) and stationary clips for the leg, arm, table, arm-rest are just a few accommodation aides provided by this savvy tech company. In addition to this short list the team has developed  many, many more tools that you should look into.

The AT page explains that interested people can call AT and speak to the experts in Assistive Technology- who will help the buyer locate the tools that will be the most useful to them or –imagine this- design one that will meet the learner’s need.

Find out more:

AT and many other vendors aides are listed at

AT Mobile Solutions  can be reached at 1-888-640-1999

Author: Tanya