Oldies but Goodies

Aug 12, 2011
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Driving back from Michigan this weekend I found myself enjoying music from the different radio stations especially WLS 94.7 with local DJ, Tom O’Toole.  I turned up the radio louder and louder as I found myself singing along with many of the selected songs.
Lyrics from the song like “Touch Me” by the Doors seem to deliver messages with meanings that change each year and each decade of my life. Just like favorite songs always being your favorite songs, there’s another constant in life and that is we’re all growing older and I do believe better (and wiser).  What I enjoy most about the fitness business is working with people of all ages and backgrounds.  
Right Fit hasn’t been the same since Irene, a very special client, passed away a couple weeks ago, but the memories of her being here are alive and well. I am dedicating this Blog to Mrs. Irene Middlemas a very special Right Fit friend.  Irene, I can see you smiling, blushing and laughing as Joe and I inform you that we will be sharing your wise insights and life lessons with other clients.
It was obvious when we first met Irene that she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of starting an exercise program in her 70’s.   However, I also knew she would not argue with her son Bob and daughter in law, Jerri.  Irene, I was pleased to report to your family that your trainer, Joe had you hooked when you started coming in 30 minutes early to start using the exercise bike.  Then I noticed Joe waiting patiently as you chatted with all the children, parents, clients and staff.  The next thing I heard was Joe putting on “Frank Sinatra” and Joe’s glowing reports that your cardiovascular fitness and strength were getting better and better.  Joe told me that you always had “funny comments” and he’ll never forget your stories.  He also told me that you taught him that the best fitness program must provide more than just exercises, but an overall experience that a client finds enjoyable.  Some of the “best” exercises that Irene performed daily and we are now fortunate to share with you include:

1. Smiling
2. Laughing
3. Taking Time to Connect
4. Having a Dream…she always looked forward to “family”

We miss you best friend and God Bless

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