Illness in Aging May Become a Thing of the Past

Jul 14, 2011
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According to researchers at the SENS Foundation, there is a good chance that the diseases that come with aging (heart disease, cancer, stroke) will be eliminated within the next 25 years. This prediction is for the sort of sea change in health care that the industrialized world gained over infectious diseases in the 1900s. SENS founder, Dr. De Grey, envisions a world in which people will go to their doctors for regular “maintenance” which will include gene therapies, stem cell therapies, immune stimulation and a range of additional advanced types of medical care that will prevent the cell damage that leads to aging.

In this view of the science, “aging” is caused by a lifelong accumulation of cellular damage throughout the body.  The SES Foundation is working with an array of researchers at a number of universities to prevent the development of  illness in older age, and which will deliver long life as a side effect of delivering better health.  An example of the work being done is on heart disease. Heart disease and stroke are brought about when byproducts of the body’s metabolic process are left inside the cell, since the body does not know how to fully break down the foods we eat. Since we can’t remove the byproducts and un-metabolized foods (like cholesterol) from our cells, the un-metabolized remnants build up to the point that the gradually get in the way of the function of that cell. De Grey is testing the ability of various enzymes to enter the cell and fully break down foods (like cholesterol) so that they don’t interfere with cell function. The next step is to create a genetic therapy that will give human bodies the ability to do this within their metabolic systems.

While there are currently over 44,000 persons in the world over the age of 122 years, De Grey envisions a world in which pe0ple routinely live active, healthy lives well beyond  the age of 150 years.

The SENS Foundation requests that the public should not write to them and offer to volunteer for human trials (I checked!). However, work is underway on the topic in various universities, worldwide, and there are a range of books and peer reviewed articles published that are available on the website.

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