The Power of Perception

May 09, 2011
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Music is an integral part of my life. I often find myself using it to create soundtracks to those daily events that would be considered far less interesting otherwise.

Lately, I seem to continually have one simple line on repeat in my brain, which under different circumstance may have utterly driven me mad. However, this one- liner has been a huge motivation and seems to continually dance to the beat between my own brain synapses at the most opportune of moments of those jiving circadian rhythms.

“I had the itch to fly, so I flew.”

A simple line embedded into my current ditty of choice, but the feeling and power that I grab out of those words is, in my opinion, well worth writing about.

Life is created by the decisions that each of us makes, by the path that we hike, and by the method in which we receive all of those experiences therein. It is a gentle mathematic equation: the more we do, the more we live. Even those bad things that keep us up at night have helped shape and mold us into the person that we have grown to become in this very moment.

As I have grown, I have never been one to emphasize the “cannots,” almost to a stubborn and naïve fault. Just because I don’t walk, doesn’t mean that my life is any less valuable than someone else. In fact, I wholeheartedly believe in the opposite notion. I think that my perspective on life is quite unique and I owe that mostly to the experiences that I have gained by wheeling all around the world.

So this line from the song that keeps singing in my head long after the song has actually ended is extremely powerful to me and, no doubt, why it keeps on playing. This line is melodically reminding me that it is up to me to make choices and decision based upon the life that I want to lead. I am often heard telling my young high school scholars that they need to think of the people that they admire, figure out why they admire them exactly, and internally ask themselves why they can’t do the same. The question is, of course, rhetorical. You have the greatest power over yourself to choose who you are to be and what precisely you do with that.

You want to see the world? So, see it. You want to own your own business? So, do that too. You want to be live happily ever after? So go after it all. There isn’t an amount of money or crowd of people that can arrest your own human will, for not much else is just as strong.

The fact of the matter is that it is both this simple and completely, unimaginably difficult to actualize. The simplicity lies in the power that each one of us possesses over our own selves. If you believe something as truth, that is just what it is. Your brain cannot distinguish between your daily reality and your nighttime dreaming. So why should you create thoughts and experiences that muddle your mind and cause distress? As simple as this concept may be, it is also entirely difficult to practice. Remember, your mind is powerful and redirecting that power can take much coercion and care.

However, if you too have the itch to fly, just know that in my own experience, you will fly—provided that you desire it in your heart of hearts and simultaneously believe it in the deepest crevices of your innately powerful mind.

Think it, dream it, believe it, be it.

Author: Ryan McLean

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