Barrel Racing Champ helps kids with Cerebral Palsy

Apr 04, 2011
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For the past seven years, Skeet Davis has been going to Camp Smile, a residential summer camp for individuals 5 to 60 with and without disabilities, in Mobile Alabama.  It is here that he gives children with Cerebral Palsy rides on Boomer.

Boomer, a large painted horse, uses a specialized saddle that securely and comfortably holds each child with Cerebral Palsy.  Each child is placed into the saddle then Skeet carefully guides Boomer around the camp. Skeet and Boomer are part of a competitive National Barrel Horse Association team.  In addition to giving children rides each year, they also raise funds to support United Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy is a developmental disability that affects body movements and muscle coordination. It is caused by brain damage during fetal growth.  As a result of Skeet’s generosity, children that use wheelchairs are also able to enjoy riding a horse. One of the reason’s Skeet does this is his daughter has Cerebral Palsy.

Times have not always been easy for this pair.  In October 2008, there were a couple of accidents that could have ruined Skeet and Boomer’s benevolent acts.   In one instance, Skeet came home to find that Boomer had caught his foot in barbed wire. He had to have the wire surgically removed.  Skeet had to borrow another horse to participate in the 2008 National Barrel Association World Championships.  However, the horse was not use to Skeet’s commands and sent Skeet to the ground, sustaining an “open book” hip fracture.  Thankfully, an experienced medical group was able to fix Skeet’s hip.

In 2009, Boomer had still not fully recovered so Skeet took him to the Lee Clinic, a team of veterinarians specializing in treating lame horses.  They created an artificial foot to bear Boomer’s weight while his foot healed.  Now, Skeet and Boomer are doing what they do best: Barrel Racing and volunteering their time at Camp Smile.  They are now trying to fundraising to buy another specialized saddle and are welcoming donations.  To reach them, please call (251) 865-1000 or mail donations to 14775 Burnham Road, Grand Bay, Alabama 36541.

Author: Melissa