Dance and Disability: “The Gimp Project”

Mar 11, 2011
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I came across this video on YouTube and thought it was totally worth sharing!  There are so many interesting and provocative things in it.

It’s essentially the story of a dance company in New York called “The Gimp Project.”  The mission of the Gimp Project is “to bring contemporary dance to a broad audience in a visceral and emotional way with performers whose unique attributes, physical and otherwise, are honored and utilized in highly dynamic, virtuosic and provocative ways; and to expose people to alternative ways of looking at their lives through community programs that emphasize discourse, experiential risk-taking and body work.”

Here’s a link to their website:

I pulled the following quotes from their website and from the video below because I thought they sent a really clear message.  Please take some time to read them and consider what they are saying.

“GIMP is about being watched. It examines the uncompromising ways we are often identified or defined by our physicality.  GIMP is about beauty, not the photo-shopped, airbrushed kind, but a harsher more unexpected one.”  Heidi Latsky

“When I put myself out there on stage, I’m inviting people to look at me and I’m controlling the looking.  Whereas, when I’m in the streets I’m not inviting people to look at me but they do anyway.  So this puts me in a bit more of a controlled situation where I might then try to encourage people to also look at themselves and look at the way they look at different bodies and their own body.”  Catherine Long

“The goal is to honor each person’s really specific ways of moving, really specific unique personalities.”  Heidi Latsky

Author: Carolyn