No Matter the Outcome; Individuals Continue to Beat MS

Mar 02, 2011
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The National MS Society just completed a campaign called, “We Keep Moving.” A team of 3 individuals diagnosed with MS traveled to 10 different locations around the United States interviewing people that were diagnosed with MS based on a nation-wide vote. The individuals ranged from a 19 year old girl that was diagnosed at the age of 15 to a man that has lived with MS for over 30 years.

Those individuals in the videos that were newly diagnosed and still fully functional were still severely affected mentally due to the unknowingness of the prognosis that comes along with MS. However, they were able to continue on with their daily lives and keep fighting for the cause until further notice.

However, Joe and Karen Crisman were the couple that had already seen what a bad prognosis of MS could turn into. Their story makes me the most nervous for my future and yet still inspires me.

Joe has been living with the disease for over 30 years. According to his story, his life prior to the MS  sounded a lot like me. He married his high school sweet heart and she was there with him upon diagnosis. However, after receiving his diagnosis he continued on with his life as if nothing had happened: fishing, hunting, taught school, and coached volleyball. However, 15 years after his diagnosis MS starting winning the battle on Joe’s body. In less than a span of a year, he completely lost his ability to walk.

In watching their story, it amazes me how Karen continues to be there for Joe and how they could conquer the struggle that MS has brought into their lives for the last 20 years. It just goes to prove that even if MS (or any diagnosis) wins the battle over your body…doesn’t mean that it beats YOU.

Below is Joe & Karen’s video.

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Author: Jess