Emphasize the PLAY in Physical Activity Exercise 2: Hoop Parade

Mar 02, 2011
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Ever find yourself running in circles playing a game of chase with your child?  Except the game of chase seems to be giving YOU more exercise than your son or daughter…the ones who’s fitness your trying to improve? Or are you the parent whose child’s feet are planted in the ground and you can’t get he or she from the spot they have found sedentary content?

Try this simple solution, which is exercise number two that I have chosen to mention: “Hoop Parade!”  The hula hoop has magic powers you may have never existed!

The hula hoop is versatile. It’s a parent’s child catcher, mover, and spinner. For the child, it is a colorful light circular object they can carry, roll, catch, shake around their waist, and throw in the air.

Supplies: I encourage parents and clients to keep equipment easy, handy and visible.

A Hula Hoop

Task Analysis (Or keywords for coaching cues):

  • Grip Hula Hoop with overhand grip
  • Child may stand inside or outside hula hoop
  • Adult can hold hula hoop in left or right hand and provide verbal cue “Ready! March!”
  • Pull the child forward walking briskly for 10 or more yards

Hula hoop Parade can have many variations!

  • Hula Hoop Capture-A quick and fun way to stop the chasing game
  • Hula Hoop Run-Progress from a “Ready! March!” to a “Ready! Run!”
  • Hula hoop Carry & Lift- Carry and grip with two hands raising hula up and down to touch toes
  • Hula Hoop Roll-Roll hoop back and forth with a partner
  • Hula Hoop Throw-Throw hoop back and forth with partner

Reminder: Be creative! Allow the hula hoop to be a tool to engage the child in playful manner, create boundaries, and a game incorporating hand and eye coordination.  Give the child “fitwork” with an exercise chart to monitor progress, set goals, and provide a visual.

Stay tuned for Exercise 3 next week!  Also, for additional exercise ideas: www.right-fit.com

I look forward to hearing, learning and sharing ideas or more exercises from all of you!

Author: suzanne