Advantages of Diversity in the Workplace

Feb 10, 2011
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Workplace Diversity, at heart, means that all of the types of persons living in the community are represented in the workplace. One of the reasons that people think that diversity is a good idea is that whenever there are issues or problems to work on, it helps to have a wide range of perspectives on the problem so that a wider range of possible solutions can be envisioned. When you look at the issue this way, you can see how much diversity increases productivity!

Diversity can come in the shapes of forms of gender, age, race, national heritage, disability/ability, health, language, political and / or religious beliefs. (I would also add “types and levels of education” as an important type of diversity- although it is not a protected category.)

One of the great things that diversity does for us is to help foster understanding, because as well-meaning people begin to get to know each other and have to count on each other to complete difficult tasks as a team, they begin to appreciate the value of each person- just as they are.

Some companies have led the way in the effort to increase diversity in the workplace.

Here is a short list of them.

IBM, Merck, Walgreens, Wachovia, AOL, at&t, McDonalds, Microsoft, Motorola, SunTrust, Starbucks, American Airlines,  Clarks, Ersnt & Young, TecAccess, Shell, the Sierra Group, WellPoint, and Walt Disney. These companies (and others) are ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ level members of the Business Leadership Network for Disability at Work

You can learn more about Business Leadership Network for Disability at Work at

You can read more about increasing diversity in the workplace at Insight Into Disability, at

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