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Feb 03, 2011
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The newer revised guidelines for exercise suggest that exercising in short bursts several times a day is beneficial. I am so grateful for that, because when it is sub-zero out, it can take a long time to bundle everyone up and go out. In fact, it sometimes seems that it is so cold that we spend longer getting ready to go out than we can stay out!

A fun pre-school website has some fabulous, easy and (even) silly ideas for exercising indoors that really caught my eye. Even though I don’t have a child anymore, I think I will give some of these a try, myself. I am especially fond of the idea of being a cat. (Well, they said it is Yoga!).

The website is called, Pre-School at Home.

Here are some of their wonderful ideas:

Balloon Toss – This activity will give children the opportunity to practice the skills of throwing or tossing a balloon straight up into the air and then catching the balloon.

Be a Cat, Be a Tree – Try some simple yoga. Your children will enjoy these two creative movement exercises. They are both based on yoga, an ancient form of exercise and meditation. Invite your children to stretch their bodies and let their imaginations soar!

Bean Bag Ideas – Bean Bags are a great companion to any Training Program for preschoolers, early elementary or children with special needs!

Bendables – Point out to your child that what makes it possible for arms and legs to bend is that they have joints (called knees and elbows). Help them learn what joints do by making a game of trying to do things without bending your joints.

Block Bowling – A large motor cooperative activity involving thinking skills, experimentation, and eye-hand coordination.

Bowling:  – Bowl down milk cartons. Through this fun bowling activity, children hone counting and gross motor skills. They also explore how to respond if they spill something.

Author: Tanya