Women with Disabilities: “Loud, Proud and Passionate!” Music Video

Jan 14, 2011
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Check it out!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxxomUVsSik.

This link will take you to a music video with an original (quite catchy) song written specifically for the 2010 WILD (Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability) program.  The song is signed and sung in Arabic, Spanish and English, by 54 activists (all women with disabilities) from 43 countries.  It really seems like a true celebration of triumphs, pride and solidarity by women with disabilities from around the world. It was filmed during Mobility International USA’s (www.miusa.org) 5th International WILD program, and marked the beginning of MIUSA’s 30th Anniversary year-long celebration.

I think women have an innate desire and ability to create these solidarities with each other and more specifically with other women who have similar experiences as them.  Many times too, we see impactful changes result from these solidarities.  There’s something to be said for banning together and being a part of something bigger than just you, part of something that collectively has a strong, powerful voice that makes people stop and take note.

Even more so, this video unites women from all over world, demonstrating that differences in language, ethnicity, and culture only strengthen what they have to say.  I was moved, I felt proud to be a woman . . . heck, I felt jealous; jealous that I have yet to be a part of something like this in my lifetime.  But I like the idea that women come from these leadership programs and go home to their countries around the world, countries that have widely varying levels of social acceptance and support for the women with disabilities (and maybe women in general), with new tools and commitment to addressing critical issues there.  If anyone has been a part of one or more of the programs through WILD, tell us about it!

Author: Blythe