My Deaf Family-New Reality Show

Jan 14, 2011

Nowadays if you’re channel surfing the TV, the popularity of realty shows are hard to miss. From the Jersey Shore, The Bachelor, The Real Housewives of whichever city, Bridalplasty, America’s Top Model, Basketball Wives, and You’re Cut Off — the variety is certainly there. The majority of these shows probably lack educational value, but they undoubtedly are very entertaining.

Among the plethora of realty show choices, only a few seem to be family friendly or at least appropriate for all audiences. Some of these “educational realty shows” are the Little People, Big world; The Little Couple; 18 Kids and Counting; and Kate Plus 8 … etc.  And possibly another realty show to be added to this list is called My Deaf Family.

My Deaf Family is a new “pilot” that can be currently viewed on YouTube. The reality “pilot” is about a family that has members with both hearing and hearing impairments. The show is focused on  the everyday struggles of an average family, but with the interesting viewpoints of a couple who are deaf and have children with and without hearing impairments. It is narrated by their eldest son Jared, who is the oldest and hearing, along with his younger brother and sister who are deaf, and the youngest brother who is hearing. This nine-minute glimpse of the Firl family, in my opinion is a definite contender for the next new realty show.

Produced by Marlee Matlin, an Academy Award Winner for Best Actress and has a hearing impairment herself, has yet to have the My Deaf Family “pilot” picked-up by a network. The goal is to gain enough support from viewers on YouTube to have a network be interested and have it picked-up. If you would like to see the nine-minute pilot and sign the petition to have the show air, watch the video below and follow the link to sign the petition.

My Deaf Family “Pilot”

To Sign the Petition:

Author: Jenny Carlton

  • Tiff Anne

    Love the concept of this show! I would absolutely watch it.

  • Jennifer

    Where did the petition go?

  • Jenny

    I think it expired.

  • S Rouillard

    Yes! We would watch this show. Many of us need to be introduced to Deaf culture. Please air this!

  • Momof5

    love the idea. How is the progress for it?
    I tried to sign a petition but didn’t see one.

  • Jcarlto1

    The petition has expired.  There hasn’t been any updates for awhile now. Hopefully, they are working on it.

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