Apple the 2010 Game Changer for Assistive Technology

Dec 28, 2010
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Assistive technology went cool and mainstream this year. With the launch of the iPad and popularity of the iPhone, Apple did a great job by growing the number of apps that were created for people with special needs. Apple had the foresight to build accessibility into the iPad and that’s a game changer. The iPad may become the most popular assistance technology device to date.

The number of apps that cater to people with disabilities practically exploded in 2010. In the Apple App Store, the section titled, “Special Education” launched in October.  It includes 72 applications for the iPhone and 13 iPad apps in 10 categories that range from communication to life skills to emotion development or even literacy.

These special needs apps help parents too from taking notes at IEP meeting to tracking behavior trends. With the iPad and apps used as assistive technology, businesses can cut costs yet still keep up with accessibility and employment laws. It can costs thousands of dollars for one assistive device, only to find out that it doesn’t work for the person with special needs.

Although still very expensive, the iPad can be used as a tool for students of all abilities. Teachers are able to use the iPad in the classroom. This link will take you to a master list of all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps for Special Education.

If you have an iPad or iPhone product, you might like to try a new app for that special person with challenges in your life. Interacting with touch technology is like digital Play-Doh; it offers many more opportunities and options than paper and pencil.

Thanks Apple, from all of us who may need assistive technology. Take a look at Owen and his miracle, brought about by iPad and some “cheap” apps.

Author: Tessa