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Dec 21, 2010
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“What IS normal?”  That is the question about 20 teenagers who are working with filmmaker Dan Habib. Dan is the father of a son with cerebral palsy and he is the driving force behind the film “Including Samuel”.

While Habib won a $25,000 grant from Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, the National Inclusion Project and the University of New Hampshire to help get the project off the ground, there are 20 core members of the national organization who are trying to get a national conversation started through an electronic internet based outreach through online video, social networking sites and television advertising..

The main idea is to redefine what inclusion means and how it plays out in the lives of real people. Why should disability be a defining feature of a person, rather than just one characteristic? Inclusion is really about accepting people for who they are- and truly believing that all are equal as human beings.

The “ I am Norm” YouTube video posted in mid-November has over 3,000 hits- and Cara Lieboqitz – who has CP herself, says that people are interested in learning more.

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YouTube “I am Norm

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