Medical Care or Your Home?

Dec 15, 2010
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I was recently made aware of a number of new documents and resources related to people with disabilities. This one specifically caught my eye. It’s from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and is on the unmet health care needs for people with disabilities ( Basically it describes the high prevalence of adults who are between 18 and 64 years of age, who have a disability, and who skip or delay some medical care because of cost. In 2009, 30% of adults this age with a disability reported that they actually had no health insurance. So overall, people with disabilities are about twice as likely as those without a disability to skip or delay medical care.

I know medical care is costly, and so is health insurance unfortunately, so to me this speaks even more of the need for preventative services, especially for people with disabilities. If there is a higher rate of secondary conditions and co-morbidities associated with disability, and there is a higher chance of someone with a disability not seeking medical care because of costs, prevention of conditions requiring medical attention seems like a no-brainer.

Without doing a vast literature search and cost-analysis, it seems to me that there could be some fairly inexpensive implementations of various programs that could help delay or prevent the need to seek medical care for certain medical conditions, possibly directly, indirectly, or even unrelated to someone’s health condition or disability. I work in a physical activity field and am a big proponent for it personally as well, but I’m not even just talking about exercise, or nutrition. What about hygiene, including dental? I’ve learned about medical costs there the hard way (sorry mom, I know I should have flossed more.)

Just seems to me that money would be well spent in keeping people from having to even get to the point of deciding between medical care and, say, . . . your rent.

Author: Blythe