Holiday Presents or Pounds?

Dec 06, 2010
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As I walked down the isle of Target today, I noticed the ridiculous number of special treat items that seem to magically appear only during this time of the year.  The yard of red licorice (which I bought for a family member) was by far the healthiest option in comparison to it’s neighbors; the super size Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup (almost 1140 calories per cup) and the Peeps milk chocolate trees, which just sound disgusting. 

What is it about the month of December that mentally suggests: “Take a break from healthy eating and exercising and just indulge”?  With the enormous obesity epidemic in this country growing daily, our friends at Keebler, Nabisco, Pepperidge Farms and Hershey’s are encouraging us to celebrate the holidays with an assortment of sugar and oddly colored preservatives.  Better yet, why are these shelves at Target emptying at such a rapid pace?  Are people buying these items as gag gifts, or are they taking them home for themselves or even worse, their kids?

I enjoy the holidays as much as the next person.  I come from a culture that is largely based on the preparation and sharing of food for any and all holiday celebrations.  Food is a much a part of family tradition as opening one present on Christmas Eve or singing carols by the fire.  It is important to take care of yourself and your cravings this month – but realize that a hot bubble bath will feel just as good if not better than that chocolate covered Oreo with red filling (yuck!).  Let the spirit of the season fill you with joy and not with pounds – Happy Holidays!

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