Staying Active During the Winter Months

Nov 19, 2010
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Winter is fast approaching.  The days are getting shorter. I look outside at 5pm and wonder why it id dark?  During winter I often times find myself more tired and sluggish, as opposed to other times during the year when it is warm and there is more sunlight. Thus, since I feel tired and sluggish, it is easier for me to find excuses not to be active.

It is true that snow, ice, and the cold do pose an issue for me because I have cerebral palsy (it can pose an issue for anyone) I  easily can be thrown off balance.  The joints of the human body, as well as the muscles and tendons  tighten up when being exposed to lower temps on a regular basis.

Even though it may be cold outside, there are many great activities I enjoy doing indoors. If I schedule my paratransit rides I really have no excuse for not going to the fitness center or some other type of indoor activity. Many community centers/community education programs offer classes such as yoga, tai chi, aerobics, etc. during the winter months . If you are adventurous you can try cross country or downhill skiing. For those with disabilities adaptive skiing is offered in many communities that have  to skiing areas. For more information on adaptive skiing, please go to:

If it is impossible for you to get out of the house during the winter or you just want to exercise from your home,  you can always find an exercise video. Many libraries offer a selection of exercise videos that you can choose from. You may also have a stretching regimen that you do on a daily basis. A home exercise bike, ergometer, or  treadmill are good sources of cardiovascular fitness .

With  tiredness and sluggishness often comes the in-productivity. For me this often goes along with the cold and darkness.  To counteract this I try to keep as active as I am at other times during the year. It may be cold and dark outside, but that doesn’t have to slow you down.

Author: Ryan