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To Celebrate or Not To Celebrate!

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There are many times on social media that I will see friends of mine post that “today was the day I had my accident” or “today I celebrate my 10th year as being a person with a disability.”   Now, I am all for celebrating! I just wonder if people are celebrating for the right reasons. Is the day of your accident a time to celebrate?

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Exercise tips for people with disabilities

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It’s important that people with disabilities lead a healthy active lifestyle and that having a disability should not exclude anyone from being active. As the saying goes the “only disability in life is bad attitude”, people with disabilities like to exercise just like anyone else. It’s sad to note that many communities emphasizes on physical exercise only for people without disabilities not providing any services or adaptions for people with disabilities and chronic illness. This is unfortunate since many people with disabilities are inactive and have a higher risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and other diseases that arise due to lack of physical fitness.

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Person of the year…..

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As we close out the end of the year, there are so many things to be happy with if you are a person with a disability. For the most part we did have success athletic year. However, there can be moments that have a small impact in our world as well as a large impact.

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Inclusion Category?

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Over the past month I have been engaged in discussions on the importance of inclusion in sports for people with disabilities. As these discussions are going on I have listened to my contemporaries explain how we need push inclusion in sports for people with disabilities. This is something I am in totally agreement with.

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Exercise? During the Holidays?

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As we are about embark upon our holiday fun and festivities let’s keep in mind that as much as we want to get away from what we typically do let’s not forget to do what we typically do when we are not on holiday break. That is exercise! WHAT!!!

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The Giggles

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Dr. Bloom and I recently debuted a scene from Macbeth at Spain Rehabilitation Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. The Scottish play, as Macbeth is often referred to, is dark, and that’s putting it mildly. Macbeth murders the King of Scotland at the urging of his wife, she gets mad at him for not planting the daggers on the sleeping grooms, then she murders someone, and on it goes! They both descend into madness with hand washing fetishes.

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Married to the Chair – On a DIET!

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Yep, I said the forbidden four letter word… we don’t cuss in our household but that is getting pretty darn close! I have always thought diets were pointless. I mean I am an exercise physiologist… my philosophy is if I want to eat it than tomorrow I will just run a little farther. And that philosophy has gotten me through life wearing the same size jeans I wore in college well after my ten year reunion.

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Isn’t this Inclusion?

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I often fill this space with analogies and examples from the undergraduate sport sociology course that I teach at James Madison University. I do that because that educational setting is representative of the rate at which society is slowly—but surely—educating itself on disability matters as the disability rights movement unfolds before our very eyes.

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Remember the Guinness Commercial?

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Back on September 13, 2013, is when I first saw the Guinness commercial that featured a person with a disability playing wheelchair basketball with some of his friends without a disability. Almost immediately I knew this commercial was going to be talked about for a long time, as well as make me want to have a drink.

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Disability and the Media

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“My name is Bob Lujano. I am very blessed person because I am employed and compete as an athlete in wheelchair rugby.” This was my introduction as I was on a panel to discuss the role of media and how it portrays athletes with a disability. In regards to this topic there are so many roads that this discussion can follow. I know that sitting at a table and trying to map this out can be difficult. I will try to guides us on a short and narrow road.

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