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New Telehealth Technology Used to Better Employees’ Mental Health

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Lost workplace productivity in America is costing employers more than $44 billion dollars annually, through things like untreated mental illness like depression. This information has been furnished by the Depression Center at the University of Michigan. In the year 2014 alone, mental health problems and issues were experienced by over 43.6 million Americans who are 18 years of age and older. These staggering reports and statistics show us how Americans in their prime are having many problems related to various mental health issues. There is no question that these reports are of great concern. The good news to report is that all across America an increasing number of employers are turning to electronic mental health services to help remedy the problem.

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How Financial Barriers are Slowing Down Telehealth Adoption

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Telehealth is a modern healthcare option that is attractive to both doctors and patients for many reasons. It’s cheaper and more convenient than traditional consultations and can improve the overall quality of healthcare by connecting patients with the best physicians for their needs—no matter how far away those physicians might be. Specialists can consult with patients half a world away, which is extremely beneficial for patients with unusual medical concerns. Rural areas are especially suited to telehealth, areas where patients would traditionally have to travel long distances to see a healthcare provider or reach a major hospital.

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