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How to Handle Stress While Helping Parents

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As parents age, it’s never easy to see their health decline to a point where they simply cannot live on their own at home. At some point in a parent’s life, they may require in-home residence care or move from their current home to an assisted living centre or nursing home. Not only is the process of this type of change extremely challenging for a parent because they are losing their independence of living on their own, but it can be difficult for the children and other family members who help them through this transition. As you prepare to help one or both of your parents as they age and possibly move into a new home where there are care providers who can help them, here are some tips for handling any stress you might be experiencing.

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What makes us eat “comfort food”?

What makes us eat “comfort food”? Tagged with:

What makes us eat “comfort food”? In a word: STRESS!

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