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Oklahoma Soccer Program for Children with Disabilities

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My senior year of undergrad, I took a course in child motor development and developmental disabilities; as a additional part of the class, I volunteered with the local TOPSoccer program, a program tailored to teach soccer fundamentals to youth with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. I worked one-on-one with a young girl with autism and really enjoyed the few months I spent with her. After this experience, I always wondered if there were similar programs, like my TOPSoccer program, in other communities around the country.

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Special needs athletes and soccer: When rules ignore needs

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Parents of special needs athletes, deciding that now is the time for their child to enjoy the benefits of school or community sports, will seek ways to find the right environment for their child. They will look for programs that encourage inclusion, promote their child’s sports development and have coaches that understand that their child may learn, think or behave in different ways.  My recent experience attempting to enroll my son in community soccer shows that unfortunately things do not always follow this script.

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