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Ultimate Mountain Gig Competition Won By Ultimate Wheelchair Adventurer

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This fall, Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah, asked people to apply for the “Ultimate Mountain” gig. The job paid $40,000 salary and required only four months of work that included blogging about their experience four times a week. The winner could ski for free, live at the Waldorf Astoria for free, get all new ski gear, spa treatments and more. And The Canyons has the first ever heated-seat ski lift in North America. Applicants needed to use “mountain” as a verb. If you liked the cold, snow and skiing — it was the ultimate job.

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Navigating the Snow

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I recently wondered aloud when driving home with my two kids one day about people who are homeless here in Chicago in this most recent string of below-freezing and below-average temperatures and snowfall for early December, even in Chicago. It’s been brutal for me personally, even with a heated home to go to every night.

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The Challenges of Walking During Winter

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It’s Winter, so snow and ice is to be expected. I started my day early with a walk to a doctor’s appointment. I was bundled up with a hat, scarf and my winter boots. It was icy and wet and there were puddles of slush on the streets and near the sidewalks. I managed to walk with no trouble, and even glided through a portion of a sidewalk that hadn’t been cleared.  All I needed to do was to cross the street, and I would be home free. And then it happened. I knew it was going to happen! I fell in the middle of the street in a huge area of dirty, wet, slush.

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