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Robotic Muscles: The Future of Physical Therapy?

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The field of robotics is always expanding and evolving, with many researchers working constantly toward more lifelike robots who function like humans. Earlier this year, news broke that Japanese robotics experts at the Tokyo Institute of Technology had successfully created a robot that was equipped with multifilament artificial muscles. These robotic muscles work in the same way ours do, by contracting and relaxing—just less efficiently. While this robot offers us a look into the future of robotic development, other breakthroughs have proved more immediately useful. For example, the soft robots that look nothing like humans, but also mimic our muscle movements.

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The Future of Rehabilitation: Using Virtual Reality to Heal

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We are in an age where our current technological advances were once just a dream of 80’s children. Hover boards, computers in our pockets, and augmented or virtual reality are now a part of our world. These devices are becoming progressively more prominent in the market, and interesting developments are creating worlds we couldn’t even imagine 30 years ago.

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The Ingredients Of An Intervention

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An intervention is when people who care about a person get together to point out a problem. In addition, it encourages the person to seek help and guides him or her to and through a treatment plan. With the assistance of a mental health professional from a drug addiction rehab, chances of success in the intervention and the following treatment improve.

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Total Knee Replacement: Tips for Recovery

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For millions of Americans, knee pain can be a debilitating condition. In fact, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons report more than half a million total knee replacement surgeries each year, and this number is unlikely to go down any time soon.

If you are a candidate for surgery or you are about to go under the knife, consider following these tips to get back to your usual self as soon as possible after the surgery.

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