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Tricia Downing: Redefining Able

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Imagine a moment so dramatic that it could define you for the rest of your days. That it could change what you do, how you do it and call into question every dream you’ve ever dared to chase. What happens when you arrive back at square one?

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Going for A Walk-Part 4

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Passion for the Work-

When someone takes on a role as a personal fitness professional, it is because they have a passion for it. The spectrum of individuals that come into the profession is as broad as the day is long, with different expertise and different goals. As a full- time occupation dedicated to helping people make changes in their lives through guidance, support, and motivation, it requires the provider to be very giving of themselves.

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Going for a Walk-Part 3

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The Framework of Co-Leadership-

My work and collaboration with James House has been successful due to a number of factors including:

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Just Sitting There Can Kill a Person!

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A new study has proposed a link between the amount of time a person spends sitting, and death. While most of us have heard that a lack of physical activity has been shown to contribute to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity; we did not know that the discussion has ranged as far as linking simply sitting to early death.

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Staying Active During the Winter Months

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Winter is fast approaching.  The days are getting shorter. I look outside at 5pm and wonder why it id dark?  During winter I often times find myself more tired and sluggish, as opposed to other times during the year when it is warm and there is more sunlight. Thus, since I feel tired and sluggish, it is easier for me to find excuses not to be active.

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Going for A Walk-Part 2

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The partnership with James began in December 2009. He made it clear to me during our workout sessions that he understands my goals and has embraced them. Together we may experiment with adaptive exercises, but I am not a specimen and James has never treated me as one. He is courteous and has a thoughtful professionalism. He periodically checks in to gain feedback for exercise progression and fatigue levels as we work.

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Going for A Walk

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Like most people who have a disability, I want to be involved, active, and participate. I have always refused to be isolated and my parents constantly supported my full participation. They knew I wanted to be “in” and included, so they helped me find the methods for that to happen by means of modified equipment or a modified approach.

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The Holidays are Here

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It is November and the holiday season is officially here!  For many people the holidays are a joy filled time with family, friends and food – lots of food.  Between shopping at busy stores for gifts, taking the always-anticipated annual family photo, making yummy treats and traveling to visit relatives, people become consumed with the chaos of the season.  The result of chaos is loosing sight of what should be priority #1 – taking care of yourself!

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Most Viewed and Reported on Disability YouTube Videos

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I find it amazing how much more a video can impact an individual than simply reading a story in the newspaper. I am constantly finding myself intrigued at the YouTube videos posted by my friends, family and co-workers. Some of the most touching and motivating moments caught on camera and posted online for millions of viewers to see can be thought provoking.

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A Body In Motion

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Many years ago Reebok ran a great commercial based on Newton’s Laws of motion.  The take away from that commercial was “A body in motion, stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest”.  I wonder if Newton knew that within his statement was the perfect exercise prescription!

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