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Disabilities and Exercise: Why Physical Activity is a Must

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As a 9-year-old child, I weighed 125 pounds. Noticeably overweight for my size and frame, I was made fun of by my peers on a regular basis. But by plump figure was my own fault really. Yes I took steroids to regulate my disability (severe asthma) which increased my appetite, but the doctor’s notes I obtained regularly so that I could sit out during gym class is what really contributed to my large size.

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Importance of Activity in Persons with Disabilities

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Anyone that knows anything about physical activity or about persons with a disability should know that physical activity is just as essential in the overall well being of someone with a disability as it is for someone without a disability. Physical activity is not only essential for the countless physical benefits, but the mental and emotional well being as well. Unfortunately, people with disabilities are less likely to engage in regular moderate physical activity than people without disabilities despite the fact that they have similar; if not an increased need to promote health and prevent unnecessary disease.

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Researchers say that moderate exercise is the key to enhancing health

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For those of us who always think that “if one is good two are better, researchers have some good news.  The “more is better” folks can lay off the vigorous exercise and do more moderate exercise – and their health will improve.

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Opportunity in Disguise IV-Clay Walker

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Clay Walker, a multi-platinum country music artist discovered his passion for music at the age of 15 competing in community talent competitions. By the age of 17, he wrote and self-recorded his own song and hand delivered the tape to a local radio station. The radio station told the young boy that they did not play self-submitted tapes. However, they listened to his tape and confessed it was “too good to pass up.” He continued singing at local restaurants around Beaumont, Texas until the young singer’s talent was officially discovered in 1993. He has since released a total of 11 albums.

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The Roadrunner – A Famous Bird and A Memorable Race

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The roadrunner is a bird made famous by its name and ability to run up to 20 miles per hour.  While the Roadrunner can fly, it stays mostly on the ground.  A roadrunner has long, wobbly legs and is often seen as both solitary and unique.  There are relevant comparisons between me and the roadrunner.  In some ways my experience of disability is solitary and unique.   By choice or by circumstance I have had to forge my own path.

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Pittsburgh: A City of Champions and Melting Pot of Talent

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Summer is that time of the year that offers us the time to explore, travel, and reconnect with relatives and friends. As for Right Fit trainers and staff, it provided the time to discuss designing a piece of fitness equipment that will make strength and endurance exercises easier for our clients with physical and mental disabilities.

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Exercise

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Introduction to ALS

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (pronounced: a-mi-oh-TROH-fik LAT-ur-ul skluh-ROH-sis) or ALS is a serious, degenerative nervous system disease that causes weakness, muscle atrophy, spasticity, and trouble breathing.  Early symptoms include muscle twitching, weakness in limbs, slurred speech and awkwardness. Most of the people who are affected by ALS first notice that they have started to trip or stumble, particularly if they have a “dropped foot” that no longer lifts when walking. Others notice that they have begun to have difficulty in buttoning a shirt or using a key to open a lock.  A small percentage of people have an onset in which difficulty in speaking clearly or swallowing are the first noticeable symptoms. Regardless of where the first symptoms initiate, the disease gradually spreads throughout the body.

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It is well documented that one third of American children and more than one half of adults remain overweight or obese.  It seems certain that technology will continue to give all of us more opportunities to stay connected and enjoy many conveniences of the computer age. 

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The Taste of Chicago: A New Found Playground

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Who doesn’t love summer in Chicago? The Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, concerts, museums and more!  Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness received an invitation to perform fitness activities at this year’s Taste of Chicago. Twenty years ago my main focus was sampling lots of food from favorite restaurants and listening to all those great bands along the city’s beautiful lakefront.  This year, Right Fit agreed to organize and instruct family fitness sessions during the opening day of the 2011 Taste.  Trainers, Jennifer Day, Kim Mueller and I were launched into our first session “Every Body Can Dance” and it became easy to create an atmosphere full of fun and energy with selected upbeat music.  Right Fit’s tent and demonstration area soon became “the playground” and we challenged everyone to Get in Shape and show First Lady Michelle Obama that Chicago understands the importance of family fitness!  Next we played “Move Your Body” and immediately the children, parents, and grandparents were moving and enjoying each other on their new found playground.

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Who is out there exercising?

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Hardly anybody! According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics only about 16% of teens and adults report that they participated in sports or physical activity on an average day. The number of people in the same age range that reported they watched TV on an average day? 80%

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