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Woman Accused of Killing Her Son with Cerebral Palsy

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On Thursday, Migdalia Veras, 57, from Queens was charged with killing her son with cerebral plasy, Rene Veras, 38.  He was found stabbed to death in his apartment.  His mother has insisted that this was an assisted suicide.

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Supporting the Siblings of People with Disabilities

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I am quite blessed to have a fairly large, close-knit family. On my dad’s side of the family, in particular, we are in another growing phase, a time when many of my cousins are having children. My one cousin is a part of that trend and has two young boys, one who is five-years-old (Matthew) and one who is ten-months-old (Andrew).

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Private Practice Episode: Rights for Parents with Visual Impairments

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One of my guilty pleasures is Thursday night television – Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. I just cannot seem to get enough of those shows – and I’m far from proud of it. Beyond all the drama and crazy relationship story lines, though, one of the things I see week after week is that issues related to disability are always coming up. This past week on Private Practice was no exception.

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Mom vs. Modern Medicine

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Last week in Delaware County, Philadelphia a 16-year old boy by the name of Mazeratti Mitchell was injured in a high school wrestling match.  Mazeratti was flipped over and hit his head during a practice match that resulted in him lying motionless on the floor for several minutes.  After being rushed to the hospital, doctors examined the boy and suggested both steroids and surgery to stabilize Mazeratti’s spine – with the hope of minimizing any potential bruising and paralysis.  Mazeratti’s parents refused to follow the doctors recommendations, and instead his mother (who is a herbal healer) is planning to utilize homeopathic methods such as “Herbs, reflexology and spine manipulation” to treat their son.

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My Job is Making My Kids Obese?!

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When I first read about the results of a research study from American University in Washington, Cornell University and the University of Chicago where it reported that working mothers were more likely to have obese children, my first inclination was to be alarmed. I am a working mother!  Then I took offense to it. Then I wondered if it even applies to me since I work part time and I didn’t know if the researchers took that into account in the study.  Then I started theorizing on how I could sort of see how it may be a contributing factor, based on personal experience anyway. Maybe I am more likely to be worn out from work at the end of the day and choose the McDonald’s drive thru and an episode of iCarly as our evening meal/activity instead of a healthier or more active option. And I can also see how the guilt of being gone so much can sometimes lead us to try to put a smile on our kids’ faces, so if they ask for a doughnut and SpongeBob, well then . . . . . . But on the other hand, when I am mentally and physically exhausted from work, I tend to like to go home and throw myself into something other than work, like cooking for example, or taking the kids to the park and playing a ridiculous game of Silly-Face Freeze-Tag (I’ll admit, if the park is crowded, I tend to wimp out on this one).

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25 Random Things About being a Mother of a Child with Autism

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1)      My husband and I planned on having our first child after two years of marriage. Matthew beat us by 2 months.

2)      I took Matthew on a job interview when he was eight weeks old because I couldn’t bear to leave him with a babysitter.

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Holiday time can literally tear a family apart, when there is a child in the family who’s active, noisy or withdrawn behaviors make hosts ask anxiously if you are bringing your child along.

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