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Lack of Information During Hurricane for PWD

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New York was one of the states that got hit by Hurricane Irene. Before the arrival of Irene, evacuation details/plans and other services were be announced to all areas affected. However, the disability community in Brooklyn felt that services and information were not available for people with a wide range of disabilities. Marvin Wasserman, executive director of the Brooklyn Center for Independence for the Disabled (BCID), has been receiving numerous complaints.

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Safeway and Rebuilding Together – Disabilities Campaign

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Safeway and Rebuilding Together are teaming up to help the disability community. Rebuilding Together is joining Safeway’s annual Disabilities Campaign. The annual campaign involves a fundraiser and awareness campaign that supports organizations that provide important services and outreach to people with disabilities. Their mission is to rehabilitate homes and community centers in ten cities during the month of April.

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