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The Female Athlete Triad: Concerns and Preventions

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As a female dancer, I run into issues with timing of meals/snacks and figuring out what foods will give me the sustained energy I need to make it through ballet class and hours of rehearsal without making me feel heavy or bloated. I imagine other female athletes can share my frustrations; but before I talk about possible strategies to solving those problems, I want to address a serious concern for many female athletes. It’s known as the Female Athlete Triad.

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Women with Disabilities: Key Concerns Include Nutrition, Healthy Eating, and Weight Management

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What are the Primary Health Concerns of Women with Disabilities?

A study and related article called “Health promotion interests of women with disabilities“, by Suzanne Smeltzer and Vanessa Zimmerman identifies some of the top ranking health concerns for women with disabilities. Key concerns include: Disability and Aging, Stress Management, Exercise, Nutrition, Healthy Eating and Weight Management, Health Promotion, and maintaining mental health. [i]   62 percent of the survey participants identified Nutrition and Healthy Eating as a concern. [ii] This piece will focus on Healthy Eating, my personal experience and encounters with professionals over Healthy Eating and Weight Management, as well as highlight some statistics, and available resources which can support Healthy Eating and Weight Management for women with disabilities.

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Ladies: Lift Heavier!

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After being in the health/fitness/exercise fields for 11 years, there are two things I’ve heard women say that have become my pet peeves. One is, “I want to lose weight without doing any work” (no joke, a woman walked into my office at the gym and that’s the first thing she said) and two “I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to bulk up.”

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Low Carb Diet Confusion

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You may have heard about a new study that came out this week looking at the effects of a low-carbohydrate diet versus a low-fat diet on cardiovascular risk factors and body weight. This study was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine which is a pretty prestigious journal; however, you still really can’t rely on the studies headline and summary to tell the full story.

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5 Wellness Guidelines

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Life can seem colorless and a chore if you have a chronic illness or have recently acquired a disability. You are going to have to get used to a new way of living. There’s naturally issues of anger, grief, and self-doubt inside you. It would be the easiest thing in the world to sink into depression and start looking at life in terms of what you’ve lost rather than all that which you have still got going for you. You are probably in no mood to be preached to, but the fact that you are reading this article indicates that you are a positive person that wants to try to do something about how you feel. That your main challenge in life is to make the most of what you have been given.

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Does Protein Diet Help to Control Type 2 Diabetes?

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  • Diet is the most important contributory factor to Type 2 diabetes besides other lifestyle habits like lack of exercise, stress, etc. Following a proper diet plan low in carbohydrates and high in fiber and other nutrients in balanced quantity you can curb your blood glucose level to a great extent. Recent various medical studies observed that protein rich diet can play a positive role in lowering blood glucose and curbing the insulin resistance in Type 2 diabetes. Though intake of protein and its effect on diabetic cases suffering from insulin resistance is a much debatable one, there are few aspects that we can consider here.
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General Nutrition And Diet Tips For Swimmers with Disabilities

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My last blog post discussed the plethora of benefits that swimming can have for people with physical and Intellectual disabilities. Indeed, the pool is particularly a popular haven during the summer. Many swimmers are seeking to go on to become fine swimmers at club, district, and national levels. One of the best ways of improving performance and excelling is to stick to an appropriate nutrition plan.

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I am sure that by now you have at least heard of the ever-so-trendy Gluten-free diet.   A lot of celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow and others have put some attention on this new fad. What you may not be aware of is the fact that

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Joy of Eating: Nutrition throughout the Years

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We are always advised to eat a well-balanced diet throughout our lives. From the time we are just a fetus till we’re old and grey, our bodies undergo several changes and so do our nutritional needs. It is quite fascinating to see that our physicality and mentality subtly transforms with every passing year, and before you know it, we start feeling frail and less able to do the things that we could once do effortlessly. It is, therefore, extremely important to pay attention to our body’s needs, listen to what it’s trying to tell us and respond accordingly.

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Obesity and Disability Infographic:

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We have developed an Obesity and Disability infographic*. The Obesity and disability infographic can be used to educate readers about the prevalence of obesity for individuals with disabilities, the consequences, costs, and ways to prevent or treat obesity. Our lists of consequences and ways to prevent obesity are in no way exhaustive. At the bottom are a few resources readers can access for information on physical activity and nutrition. Also, references where the data came from are listed.

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