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No Matter the Outcome; Individuals Continue to Beat MS

No Matter the Outcome; Individuals Continue to Beat MS Tagged with:

The National MS Society just completed a campaign called, “We Keep Moving.” A team of 3 individuals diagnosed with MS traveled to 10 different locations around the United States interviewing people that were diagnosed with MS based on a nation-wide vote. The individuals ranged from a 19 year old girl that was diagnosed at the age of 15 to a man that has lived with MS for over 30 years.

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Receiving a Diagnosis

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Receiving a diagnosis that you have a permanent, debilitating disease is devastating. No matter what the diagnosis, you have to endure the words, “You have _______.” Those words are probably the hardest 3 words you may ever be faced with in your life or have already had the dreadful experience of being faced with. For me, I heard the words, “You have MS.” They were the hardest 3 words I ever had to endure.

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