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What kind of friend are you?

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There are few life changing events that are as severe as an accident that results in a disability, and if you have a family member or friend who has been affected in this way, you want to do everything that you can to help them, so that they continue to enjoy a good quality of life. While the psychological effects of such an event can be very difficult to cope with, it can be much worse if the person in question is unable to cope with the demands of everyday life. While it can be tempting to encourage them to continue as usual with both their personal and professional life, their circumstances have dramatically changed, and there are a number of adjustments that need to be made to ensure that the person can in fact live an independent life.

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The Wheelchair: Part 1

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Ah, the wheelchair. To most, the word denotes struggle, incapability, and sadness. Basically, once you sit down and submit to “the chair” all of the life and fun will be sucked from your body. I’ve been a chair user for 23 years and strangely enough, I live a wonderfully vibrant life. So why is society so scared of the wheelchair? Let’s conduct a little experiment.

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Lesson Learned – Self- Responsibility & Accountability in Health: A Commentary

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As the temperature falls below zero, my body stiffens, and there are days when I feel like I am walking with 2 x 4’s attached to my legs because of a lack of flexibility.   I am in my 30’s.  My mobility function is in its prime now.

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Cool Hacked Wii Gadget Allows Babies To Drive Robots

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Babies with mobility issues, such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy, can’t explore the world like babies who can walk or crawl. Since babies explore and learn as part of infant development, mobility is linked with cognitive development.

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