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Eating Out Too Much? 4 Tips for Cutting Back

Eating Out Too Much? 4 Tips for Cutting Back Tagged with:

If you find yourself getting home from work late several nights a week, the last thing you probably feel like doing is cooking a meal from scratch. It’s so much easier to order delivery, grab takeout on the way home, or gather up the family and head to your favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, if this becomes a habit instead of an occasional indulgence, you may see your wallet shrinking—and your waistline expanding. Eating out is very expensive, and restaurant meals are often served in overly large portions and contain high levels of salt, fat, and sugar. So how can you cut back if your habit is getting out of control? Here are 4 tips for eating well at home.

Posted by Audrey Willis May 24, 2017 Posted in Obesity 1 Comment