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Married to the Chair – In Summer

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After my last blog I thought that summer meant things would slow down but as I type this I am on a plane headed to work at a military camp for a week after just getting back last night from Junior Nationals all week. Apparently there’s no rest for the weary but it hasn’t been all work and no play ALL summer. In fact, we kicked off summer with family vacation at my favorite place on earth – no, not Disney world – that’s the happiest place on earth – this is small town North Carolina. Population 25!

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Disability Check

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As we move forward in our quest to be more of an inclusive society one of the issues that seems to hide under the radar but yet is becoming more apparent is the concern of capturing accurate numbers of disability population. I was recently asked if I objected to being called or referred to as a person with a disability. I politely responded

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Sittin’ Sexy Part II

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I will always have some impairment in my right hand. Bowel and bladder issues, which I’ll address down the road, continue to be a heady annoyance from time to time. I do not have trunk control, which would be REALLY handy for a lot of things. What I did gain, however, was an in-depth understanding of the bias in legislation, the “right way” (re: WRONG) to address/ignore a person with a disability, and social norms that WE constantly face but that were hidden to me before. Having seen the “in-group/out-group” bias from both perspectives helped me to put together a pretty unique worldview and eased communication with/between able-bodied (“ABs”) and functionally impaired individuals alike. Although encouraged by my progress when finally discharged from rehab, I couldn’t help but think… “Yeah, that’s all well and good…but now what?”

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“All I hear is Applause…”

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Typically I work on the computer, researching or writing, for four to six hours a night. Frequently the topic of focus concerns my walking program, my efforts to walk-device free, and its related impact. My desk is usually covered with piles of paper and I am watching or working from multiple screens on my desktop computer. One screen will contain an article draft. Another will have a research article that I am perusing. Yet another screen will contain the scrolling text and conversations from virtual forums for writers, social workers, educators, or a related subject that I am contemplating.

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8 Habits of Happy People

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Happiness doesn’t happen by chance. Instead, happy people maintain a series of habits that help promote their positive moods. Do you want to lead a happier life? Work on these eight habits to make it happen.

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Joy of Eating: Nutrition throughout the Years

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We are always advised to eat a well-balanced diet throughout our lives. From the time we are just a fetus till we’re old and grey, our bodies undergo several changes and so do our nutritional needs. It is quite fascinating to see that our physicality and mentality subtly transforms with every passing year, and before you know it, we start feeling frail and less able to do the things that we could once do effortlessly. It is, therefore, extremely important to pay attention to our body’s needs, listen to what it’s trying to tell us and respond accordingly.

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Disability is the norm

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The label society puts on individuals with physical disabilities is one that refers to struggle and being needy. Some people even automatically assume that if a person has a physical disability they also have a mental disability as well, and you couldn’t get further from the truth.

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Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann, M.D., and the Paralympic Games

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Ludwig Guttmann, M.D. was a German-Jewish refugee who fled Nazi Germany in 1939 and joined the neurosurgical faculty at Oxford University in England. Prior to his leaving Germany, Dr. Guttmann was the assistant to the leading German neurosurgeon of that time, Otfrid Foester, at the University of Breslau. Forced out of the University of Breslau because of anti-Semitism in 1933, Dr. Guttmann became the Chief of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Breslau Jewish Hospital. It was there that he developed many of the techniques to treat spinal cord injury that he used and perfected in England.

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Why Swimming Is A Good Choice

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Swimming is an extremely popular sport for children with disabilities – a fact that I have witnessed first-hand on many occasions. In particular, I have found it to be a particularly beneficial activity for children with learning difficulties, and many whom I have taught have gone on to become exceptional club – and even national-standard – swimmers.

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Sittin’ Sexy Part I

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My name is Daniel Mellenthin, and as far back as I can remember, I have tried to squeeze every last drop I could from life. I was born in Alton, Illinois and lived the first 20 years of life as an able-bodied person, enjoying backpacking and rock climbing, meeting all sorts of people, four team sports in high school (two in college), choir (in HS and college), playing jazz trumpet, Improv. Comedy, Phi Alpha Literary Society at Illinois College and various plays and stage performances.

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