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Don’t Miss What Group Fitness Has To Offer!

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I love working out on my own. I feel at home in a gym. There’s something deep inside me that loves cranking up my music and getting down to business in a weight room. I usually have no desire to interact with anyone else while I am exercising…I get consumed in my own world. An empty weight room is one of my all-time favorite places.

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Detours-Part 3

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Course Adjustments

The resulting diagnosis forced a ninety day time delay in the progression toward my goal.  The new goal had to be focused on pain management.  There is an understanding between James and I about the program design.  He takes existing muscle control and mobility functions and helps me to increase strength, mobility, and endurance.  At the same time, he is working with me to try to establish and pattern new movements for areas of non-existent function.  The goal is for function to develop.

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Detours-Part 2

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There is an unwritten agreement and code of conduct that exists between the client and professional.  I try to establish a business perspective with the fitness professional I am working with as quickly as possible.  This is a business transaction not a social gathering.  It is my responsibility to keep a professional demeanor and conduct with the fitness professional at all times regardless of what may happen in session.  It does not matter if I have had a bad day in other settings.

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Detours Part 1

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High Expectations

In the spring of 2010, I experienced an interruption in my defined goal of walking device- free.  I injured my upper back.   Many people with mobility impairments can experience back, arm, and shoulder injuries from over-use of repetitive motion or certain other factors.  A compensatory rotational motion that I use to move and walk, due to Spastic Cerebral Palsy, caused a herniated disc in the middle of my back.  Most often golfers or 1 out of 1000 people will sustain an injury like mine.   This injury slowed the progression of where I hoped to be by the end of the year.  My expectations for certain evidence of improvement like changes in balance or gait, or other notable sign of progression did not come.

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Welcome to the Future

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As many of us do when we have lots of other important things to get done, I wasted some time this past weekend surfing around on the internet. I found myself watching music videos on YouTube. A song that I have heard many, many times came one…but I watched the music video for the first time.

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Going for A Walk-Part 5

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When Kerry is inactive or is overstimulated, her body becomes less pliable, and she loses ground much faster than people that do not have a physiologic hurdle. When the answers to my basic evaluation questions are not favorable, my goals are to assist Kerry to:

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Tricia Downing: Redefining Able

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Imagine a moment so dramatic that it could define you for the rest of your days. That it could change what you do, how you do it and call into question every dream you’ve ever dared to chase. What happens when you arrive back at square one?

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Going for A Walk-Part 4

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Passion for the Work-

When someone takes on a role as a personal fitness professional, it is because they have a passion for it. The spectrum of individuals that come into the profession is as broad as the day is long, with different expertise and different goals. As a full- time occupation dedicated to helping people make changes in their lives through guidance, support, and motivation, it requires the provider to be very giving of themselves.

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A Necessary Evil?

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On the bus ride to work this morning, as I sat there listening to my music while looking out the window and mentally sorting through my day, I noticed the following signs on the front door to a restaurant:

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Going for A Walk-Part 2

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The partnership with James began in December 2009. He made it clear to me during our workout sessions that he understands my goals and has embraced them. Together we may experiment with adaptive exercises, but I am not a specimen and James has never treated me as one. He is courteous and has a thoughtful professionalism. He periodically checks in to gain feedback for exercise progression and fatigue levels as we work.

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