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Why are we celebrating?

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On the day we remember Dr. King, the man who was instrumental in writing the Civil Rights Act, which was signed in 1964 to benefit all Americans, there is still one group of citizens who still wait. These are the 57 million Americans with disabilities who are still waiting to have laws passed over 40 years ago to address issues such as basic fitness, recreation, and sport participation.

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Inclusion Category?

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Over the past month I have been engaged in discussions on the importance of inclusion in sports for people with disabilities. As these discussions are going on I have listened to my contemporaries explain how we need push inclusion in sports for people with disabilities. This is something I am in totally agreement with.

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Isn’t this Inclusion?

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I often fill this space with analogies and examples from the undergraduate sport sociology course that I teach at James Madison University. I do that because that educational setting is representative of the rate at which society is slowly—but surely—educating itself on disability matters as the disability rights movement unfolds before our very eyes.

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPwD): Exploring Effective Strategies To Raise Awareness about People with Disabilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPwD): Exploring Effective Strategies To Raise Awareness about People with Disabilities Tagged with:


It is well documented that people with disabilities face barriers which hinder equal participation in several environments including school and work. One of the primary barriers people with disabilities commonly face in the context of inclusion and participation is negative attitudes from others based upon misconceptions and stereotypes about individuals with disabilities.  

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My favorite athlete with a disability is….

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In our world of competitive sports, it is so easy to love the big names LeBron, Serena, Jeter, Peyton, Messi, and Crosby. They bring so much joy, sadness, wonder and triumph into our lives. In the ever increasing world of wheelchair sports there are some big names that the spotlight shines on as well.

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A Time to say Thanks

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Sometimes a week does not good bye in which I am told “thank you for your service.” At first I know the obvious reason that those statements are made to me. I have a physical disability. But the other reason is that I have a key chain lanyard I wear around my neck that promotes the US Navy.

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Inclusive Out-of-School Time

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The purpose of this article is to promote inclusion of youth with disabilities in after-school, expanded learning, and out-of-school time programs. For the purposes of this
article, the term “include” and “inclusion” embodies the values, policies, and practices that support all youth, those both with and without disabilities, to participate in a broad range of out-of-school time activities.

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Disability Awareness Month

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It is no secret that Americans love to create holidays. We jump at the chance to talk like a pirate or order a free cup of coffee, but we also take pride in bringing awareness to topics that are near to our hearts. Almost every day of the year is dedicated to an animal, food group, or cause that we deem worthy of celebration. October is a month that is largely dedicated to bringing awareness to different types of disabilities. During this month we celebrate spina bifida awareness, Down syndrome awareness, as well as cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus day.

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What does inclusion mean to you?

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What does inclusion mean to you? If you ask me that question, a million things run through my head. It is something I deal with on a daily basis. Take Sunday for example. My husband and I have to leave for church early so that we can be sure to get an accessible parking spot with enough room to get a wheelchair beside the car, and so that we can get the one seat in the church where my husband can actually see the stage when everyone else is standing (which happens more than you might think in our southern Baptist church). Not only that, but our church has stadium seats – you know, like the kind at the movie theater- so his seating options are already limited to a front row or an end- and how many Baptists do you know who like to sit in the front row?  When we go to the restaurant for lunch, we have to fight to find another accessible parking spot and then try to find an accessible table and not a booth, which sometimes requires us to wait an extra hour (and we won’t talk about the restaurants that require us to use a separate entrance just so his wheelchair can get in). When we head to the grocery store, the accessible spots and the striped areas beside them are always full! Once inside at the produce section, I have to grab all the fresh veggies we want (including his favorite- jalapenos) because he can’t reach them. And at the checkout, while my hands are full from bags of groceries, the cashier still tries to hand me the receipt instead of my husband, who is right in front of her. And all of that takes place in only half of one day.

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Goalball becomes collegiate sport!

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BREAKING NEWS: UC Berkeley just started the nation’s first competitive college athletic team for individuals with a visual impairment. This is pretty big news. But you probably didn’t hear about it on your local TV news station nor did you read it in any papers because; it wasn’t there. The only spot I found reporting it is UC Berkeley themselves. You can read about it here:

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