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Weighing in on Inclusive vs. Disability-Specific Sport Settings

Weighing in on Inclusive vs. Disability-Specific Sport Settings Tagged with:

There is often a question of whether it is better to have sports specifically for people with disabilities or to include people with disabilities in sports with others who do not have disabilities.

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Our Competitive Life Views

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Ours is a culture that values success in any venue. Competition and the ideal of ‘winning’ are key in any type of competition and every area and aspect of life is one in which we believe competition takes place. For example, in the arenas of beauty, attractiveness, music, making money, size of house, amount of money, disposable income, talent, athletics…it is clear to all of us that winning is the only acceptable goal. We heap riches and praise on winners, we ignore or ridicule losers. Even being the “most pitiful” is rewarded over being merely “pitiful”. Being America’s Most Greedy is rewarded over being simply greedy. It is almost impossible to engage someone in a conversation about an artist, athlete or other prominent person without comparing their performance to that of another person in the same field- with the clear task of deciding which is better.

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Reality TV is Inclusive?

Reality TV is Inclusive? Tagged with:

This summer my mom told me that she was surprised that I didn’t watch that reality show The Amazing Race.  She said it seemed like something I would like.  I admitted that the only reason I didn’t watch was that everyone else seemed to watch it and it always won the Emmy every year and I tend to be one of those people that doesn’t like to jump on the bandwagon.  I mean hey, I loved the Atlanta Braves when they were horrible and then happily adopted the Chicago Cubs in 2000 where I proudly watched them finish dead last in their division.

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Supporting Inclusion in Religious Institutions

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I think an important part of being within the disability community is sharing resources that may be beneficial to someone else. For that reason, I wanted to share a bit about a fairly new organization. Please read on!

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