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Holiday Presents or Pounds?

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As I walked down the isle of Target today, I noticed the ridiculous number of special treat items that seem to magically appear only during this time of the year.  The yard of red licorice (which I bought for a family member) was by far the healthiest option in comparison to it’s neighbors; the super size Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup (almost 1140 calories per cup) and the Peeps milk chocolate trees, which just sound disgusting. 

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The Christmas List

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We love to see the delighted smiles of a child who has unwrapped the paper and ribbon and can finally catch sight of the gift they have received. Their eyes widen and begin to shine. Their mouth opens in a wide, happy grin and they look up at us with appreciation and excitement.

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2010 Top Ten Toys for Tykes

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It’s that time of year when many of us are laboring over the perfect gift to get for someone special.  I was curious how to find recommendations for toys for kids with disabilities so I did some looking around (on the internet of course) and found myself directed to, a site that provides support for parents of kids with disabilities. 

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At this joyous season it is a bit surprising to reflect upon the many little hurts and wounds children can receive.

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Oooh! That looks so GOOD!

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About this time of year we enter the festival of foods and family: Thanksgiving.

And Thanksgiving Day is just the beginning of the party season with its abundance of cookies, candy, pie, cakes and other delights of the season.  It brings us joy to share delicious foods and special drinks with our family and friends. Delicious at the time! But we are so sorry afterwards.

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The Holidays are Here

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It is November and the holiday season is officially here!  For many people the holidays are a joy filled time with family, friends and food – lots of food.  Between shopping at busy stores for gifts, taking the always-anticipated annual family photo, making yummy treats and traveling to visit relatives, people become consumed with the chaos of the season.  The result of chaos is loosing sight of what should be priority #1 – taking care of yourself!

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Holiday time can literally tear a family apart, when there is a child in the family who’s active, noisy or withdrawn behaviors make hosts ask anxiously if you are bringing your child along.

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