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Why So SAD?

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Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to season changes.  It can affect anyone however it is more common in Women 15 to 55 years of age.   The risk of getting a first diagnosis of SAD will decrease as you age.   SAD can also carry the name of Winter Depression or Seasonal Depression. 

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Tis’ the Season to be…

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At this time of the year as we look to buys gifts and decide who has been naughty and who has been nice. Let’s not forget to check ourselves.

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“All I hear is Applause…”

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Typically I work on the computer, researching or writing, for four to six hours a night. Frequently the topic of focus concerns my walking program, my efforts to walk-device free, and its related impact. My desk is usually covered with piles of paper and I am watching or working from multiple screens on my desktop computer. One screen will contain an article draft. Another will have a research article that I am perusing. Yet another screen will contain the scrolling text and conversations from virtual forums for writers, social workers, educators, or a related subject that I am contemplating.

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How Your Own Behaviors Influence Children

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Parents are very influential when it comes to the development of the children. Mannerisms, behaviors, beliefs and even actions are learned from an early age throughout adolescence. During this time, your own behaviors as a parent play a dominant role in how the children will develop as they grow older. If you view physical activity or fitness a specific way, there is a good chance the children will develop a similar view.

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A Magical (and Accessible) Vacation

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My family and I continue to enjoy 2013. For the New Year, we didn’t make resolutions or promises we have no intention of keeping. We didn’t eat black-eyed peas or beat pots and pans or any of those other crazy superstitious traditions. We packed up and went to Disney World.

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Toy guide for children with special needs

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Late last week, I stopped by my local Toys“R”Us to pick-up a few gifts. While walking into the store I passed a kiosk displaying the Toys“R”Us guide for differently-abled kids, I instantly picked up a copy and began to flip through it. Upon opening the Guide I found that not only were dozens of toys listed but next to each of the toys there was a picture stating which important developmental areas each specific toy could help to enhance. For example, according to the Guide, the Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail targets fine motor, visual, auditory, thinking and gross motor skill development.

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Gift Ideas For Wheelchair Users

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Christmas is just around the corner and if you are shopping for a friend or loved one who uses a wheelchair, we have a few suggestions which may help you in your search.

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A *Star* Vet

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If you have been watching the famous reality TV show,” Dancing with the Stars” you should be very familiar with the name “JR Martinez.” Although, even if you haven’t you still may have heard the name or at least “the talk.” People all over are talking about the war hero that has “won America’s heart” on the reality TV show, but who exactly is this man and why is he on a reality television show that only has so-called “celebrities” competing?

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3 “Secret Santa” Stories that Celebrate the Spirit of Giving

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One of the sweetest holiday traditions involves being a Secret Santa. These three “Secret Santa” stories are heartwarming and celebrate the spirit of giving to others.

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2010 Disability Toy Ratings from Lekotek and Toys R US

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When the gift-giving season rolls back around, relatives of every description start looking for toys that will make a memorable and lasting impact on a child’s development.  It is always true that relatives who don’t see the child on a daily basis are not sure what type of toy might make the best gift any particular year, since children grow and develop between times we visit with them, and their interests can change so rapidly. It is especially true for families who are looking for the best gift for a child with a disability.

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