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What Are The Risk Factors Of Abnormal Heart Rhythms?

What Are The Risk Factors Of Abnormal Heart Rhythms? Tagged with:

Many people don’t even know that they have an arrhythmia because the symptoms aren’t always visible. While any person can develop this condition, there are certain factors which increase the risk of an arrhythmia. People who already have a heart condition are at a greater risk of developing an arrhythmia. Most heart ailments listed below disrupt the functioning of the heart, and over time this can result in an arrhythmia.

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5 tips to minimize obesity

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Obesity is one of the most common problems in disabled persons. It has been seen that people with disabilities are more prone to obesity. Because they spend most of their time on wheel chairs, they get fewer opportunities to move themselves more like normal people. Due to this reason, they rapidly gain weight and consequently, experience excess weight-related health issues.

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Wellness Care for Breast Cancer

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There are several alternative mind and body wellness care therapies available for cancer patients. Often called Complementary or Alternative Medicine (CAM), these therapies offer treatments that can help patients cope with the side effects of cancer, promote the feeling that they are doing something about their individual care and diminish the stress and worry one feels when dealing with cancer. Let’s take a look at a few of these treatments to see if they may work for you. 

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Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Day

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September 30 marks the first global awareness day of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. As most people know, breast cancer, leukemia and diabetes are well-recognized and researched diseases. Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, on the other hand, has failed to capture the attention of researchers, even though it has been around for quite some time. The goal of the day is to help bring awareness to the disease through social media, volunteering and reaching out to news media outlets.

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Thermal Aquatic Massage

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September is Cerebral Palsy (CP) awareness month.  Cerebral palsy is caused by an abnormal development or damage in the brain that controls movement.  It affects motor function and can be classified into three groups of motor impairments; Spastic CP, Ataxic CP and Dyskinetic CP.

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4 Terrific Benefits of Trigger Point Massage Therapy

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Trigger point pain is one of the most common types of pain experienced by the body. Often referred to as “muscle knots”, these trigger points are sensitive spots in the muscle that cause a feeling of aching and stiffness when overstressed.

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Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

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On May 2 2005, when my husband woke up from surgery after his motorcycle accident and heard the words “spinal cord injury” and “paralyzed” one of his first thoughts was, I am going to walk again and that remained a theme throughout his rehab. He thought if I just work hard enough, if I just keep trying, I will walk again. If you walk through the halls of any rehab center today you would probably hear the same mantra from the majority of patients. No one wants to accept the reality that they will experience the rest of their life from a wheelchair, but that is the reality for millions of Americans.

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The Program Framework

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Kerry and I began training together about nine months ago. As a Nursing student and Trainer, I have had some clinical experience with Cerebral Palsy (CP), but prior to working with Kerry, I had never worked with a person with CP in functional movement training. Kerry’s goal to walk without assistive devices full-time was a big undertaking and a bit daunting.

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Interdisciplinary Collaboration

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Collaboration is a dynamic, creative, and interconnected process. My walking program has been built upon collaboration. From the beginning, I have combined approaches from a wide range of Health, Medical, Rehabilitation, and Fitness disciplines. I have used methods from physical therapy, yoga, dance, and functional movement to support my overall fitness and walking efforts. I have brought together professionals to contribute their knowledge and expertise in the advancement of my efforts to walk device-free. I engage professionals to problem-solve and develop new targeted strategies to improve my strength, flexibility, and other aspects of mobility.

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2015: Top 10 Global Health Issues

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Many non-profit organizations across the globe are trying their best to work against many deadly diseases. At the beginning of 2014, global health community (GHC) was focused to fight against the diseases like family planning, HIV, maternal health, etc. At that time, no one had thought that, Ebola would take up the entire limelight, pushing others on the side.

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