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Summertime Funk

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I’m just coming through a season of my life where I felt like all of the motivation in my life had been sucked out of me. I had to force myself to exercise (mostly because I like eating) and it took a lot more energy than usual to get any school work done. I was lacking interest and intensity in my spiritual disciplines like prayer and reading the Bible, though I continued to do them half-heartedly. I felt annoyed by everyone and was often snippy and unfriendly, I didn’t want to go out and I was happy to sit at home and read.

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What To Expect After A Brain Injury

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Head injuries can occur from auto accidents, sports, work-related activities, and explosive blasts in combat. The brain can be affected any time a head injury occurs. Brain injuries can have serious and long-lasting effects. Anyone who suffers a blow to the head should seek medical attention to ensure that brain has not suffered an injury.

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Fall into a Pattern

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Since the fall season is in full swing, I feel so much better with my daily schedule and activities. I feel like I have been reborn to some degree because my activities throughout the week are all set in stone. I feel so driven because my activities, exercises, practices, and work are all set up on a calendar in which I am all prepared for each day. I basically have my fall season planned out for each day. This is great for me considering I just spent the summer free lancing it. I can then focus on just bringing a fun-filled attitude for when it’s time to exercise.

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Benefits of Gentle Exercise

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These days exercise can be a difficult routine for people to stick with due to life’s busy schedule. Anyone trying to stick to a plan will struggle to follow it which can make exercise seem all but impossible. But no matter what health conditions you have there’s always exercises you can do to make it worth the effort. Exercise is one of the best cure-alls known to man. A gentle or low intense exercise, if used wisely, can make you feel better especially when there is limited time. Not to mention it can help deal with stress in your life.

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Caring for a Loved One with Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurological disease that primarily affects motor skills, and in many cases can also attack cognitive ability.  With PD, nerve cells are destroyed in areas of the brain that control movement.  This area is called the Basal Ganglia, and unfortunately, the damage is usually irreversible.

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Exercises for Ankylosing Spondylitis

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Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of chronic arthritis of the spine and the pelvic sacroiliac joints. The inflammation of the vertebrae (spondylitis) can eventually lead to the fusion of the vertebrae, which is called ankylosis. This type of chronic arthritis affects the bones, muscles and ligaments, and is extremely painful.

Some people with ankylosing spondylitis have

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Bedsores: Knowing the Signs and What to Do About Them

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For individuals who are detained to their bed for long periods of time, bedsores can be a very real, and sometimes even deadly problem. Bed sores, sometimes called pressure ulcers, are open sores on the skin that result from prolonged pressure on a bony area of the body, such as the hips, elbows, shoulders, or knees. When left untreated such ulcers can develop

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Summer Exercises

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For the last 2 months, I been in full swing in my off-season exercise plan. Thank God!  Since rugby season ended in April I always feel as if I

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How to Fight Insomnia

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Sleep is a huge part of our lives—(about 33% actually,) and it’s vitally important that we get enough of it. Yet for many of us living in this world of 24/7 TV, internet in the palm of our hand, and the 40 hour work week, getting a good night’s sleep tends to take a back seat. Sleeping has become such a low priority that many of us

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The Physician as a Partner: Beyond Rapport to True Collaboration

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We’ve all gotten that standard form letter that contains the dreaded line, “your physician will be leaving.”  In my case, the recent letter announced that my physiatrist, Dr. A. would be leaving the region marking the end of a seven-year relationship. The unexpected news caused me to stop and reflect on Dr. A’s role in the development of my walking program.  What established the positive working alliance between us?  When I originally embarked on my journey to walk device- free, I did not know what a Physiatrist was or what a critical role this specialty would play in my progression.

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