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Caring for Someone Without Losing Your Own Well-Being

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Mesothelioma is cancer of the mesothelium – a membrane that lines and surrounds the organs. The disease is caused by exposure to asbestos, and it is actually called malignant mesothelioma to differentiate it from the benign version, which is not caused by asbestos.

Posted by Nayab Sh Nov 13, 2014 Posted in Disability 3 Comments

A Time to say Thanks

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Sometimes a week does not good bye in which I am told “thank you for your service.” At first I know the obvious reason that those statements are made to me. I have a physical disability. But the other reason is that I have a key chain lanyard I wear around my neck that promotes the US Navy.

Posted by Bob Lujano Nov 11, 2014 Posted in Disability 2 Comments

Depression: Stigma and Treatments

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Like all mental illnesses, depression has always had a certain stigma attached to it; however, in some ways the stigma of depression can be more damaging because it can prevent people from getting the treatment they need.

Posted by Chris Meloni Nov 07, 2014 Posted in Disability 1 Comment

Nine Tips on Alzheimer’s Disease

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Sometimes you may forget where you kept your keys or kept the lights on. These things happen to everyone. But what about forgetting what your best friend’s name was? What if you forget how your mother looks like? And what if you are forgetting things on a daily basis, at alarming regularity? important appointment? According to reports, it is said that the brain begins to shrink after an individual hits midlife.

Posted by Bency George Oct 29, 2014 Posted in Disability 2 Comments

Helping family member’s with diabetes

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Diabetes is an increasingly common illness and one that impacts not only on the individual with the condition, but also on their family. People with a family member who has diabetes find themselves faced with a series of challenges, not only about how they cope with the situation from a personal point of view but, more importantly, how they help their loved one cope with it, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Posted by Luke Sprocket Oct 28, 2014 Posted in Disability 1 Comment

Dietitian in the Kitchen: Turning Recommendations into Reality

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For many people, living a healthy lifestyle can feel overwhelming and even out of reach. Whether it’s going to the gym or eating right, the first step can sometimes be the hardest. So where do you begin? Well if you ask me, it’s all about PREPARATION.

Posted by Carleton Rivers Oct 27, 2014 Posted in Obesity 1 Comment

Actively Taking Control Of Your Stress Through Exercise

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Stress isn’t good for anyone, but according to the American Psychological Association, at least 75% of Americans feel stressed out every day. Constant stress affects our daily lives, and can have a negative impact on our health. It can give you headaches, can make your heart beat faster, can lead to high blood pressure, and can make you less resistant to illness. Extended periods of stress can even lead to heart attack and diabetes over time, and can affect how well you think and feel, too. So before it starts to affect your quality of life, it’s important to take control of it.

Posted by Jef Ramos Oct 22, 2014 Posted in Disability 2 Comments

Think Pink with a splash of water…

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October brings Cancer awareness and Women’s health issues to focus however, let’s add some water to the mix. Water exercise has a wide range of benefits to anyone who has become de-conditioned from cancer.

Posted by Windy Wills Oct 16, 2014 Posted in Disability 1 Comment

Dealing with Mental Health

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We all know about the World Mental Health Day which is celebrated every year in a month of October. Mental Health Week is being held from 5 to 12 October in 2014. This year’s theme is “Living with Schizophrenia”. Now in this article we will talk about Schizophrenia.

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Beat Hibernation By Working Out

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With Summer officially over, many of us fall into the trap of being overly active during the sunny weather, to hibernating in fall and winter. Its likely you’ve been doing a lot of exercise, without even realizing you’ve been working out through summer. From hiking or long walks along the beach, to hopping in the pool or playing sports with friends. You’ve probably been a lot more active, and feel better for it. However with the hot weather behind us, and the dark nights approaching, its easy to get stuck in a rut of going to work, going home, and staying warm.

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