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Caregiver Services

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Before placing a family member with a disability in an assisted living facility, it must be determined what level of care they need as well as what types of care are offered by the facility you are considering. A simple checklist will help you to answer both questions and narrow down the possible options until you find the one that suits your loved ones’ needs and desires.

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Why are we celebrating?

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On the day we remember Dr. King, the man who was instrumental in writing the Civil Rights Act, which was signed in 1964 to benefit all Americans, there is still one group of citizens who still wait. These are the 57 million Americans with disabilities who are still waiting to have laws passed over 40 years ago to address issues such as basic fitness, recreation, and sport participation.

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ADHD in Children and It’s Awareness

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ADHD is a disorder of the brain in which a person is unable to control behavior due to difficulty in processing neural stimuli and accompanied by an extremely high level of motor activity. Through various Magnetic Imaging Resonance medics have suggested that the brains of children with ADHD are not the same with those of children without ADHD. It affects children and adolescents and may persist into adulthood for some. The children generally have problems in

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3 ways to stay healthy as the seasons change

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A lot of people, with or without disabilities, face difficulties in staying healthy when the seasons change especially during the holiday seasons and the new year. This is probably because the holiday season is meant to bring people together as they share great meals. It is possible to stay healthy as the seasons change even if there are a lot of tempting foods around you.

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3 Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy When You Have Arthritis

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Staying fit and healthy can be a major accomplishment on its own. However, adding arthritis into the mix can make it seem like an impossible feat to accomplish. Fortunately, with the right exercise, natural herbs and incorporation of a healthy eating plan into your everyday regimen, you can enjoy a healthy, active and fit lifestyle.

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Exercise tips for people with disabilities

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It’s important that people with disabilities lead a healthy active lifestyle and that having a disability should not exclude anyone from being active. As the saying goes the “only disability in life is bad attitude”, people with disabilities like to exercise just like anyone else. It’s sad to note that many communities emphasizes on physical exercise only for people without disabilities not providing any services or adaptions for people with disabilities and chronic illness. This is unfortunate since many people with disabilities are inactive and have a higher risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and other diseases that arise due to lack of physical fitness.

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Choosing between Assisted Living and Independent Living: Senior Care

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Everyone ages. Our parents do and we will as well. And though that might sound emotional and daunting for some time, the sooner we accept the law of nature, the better it is for you and all. Aging does not however mean that seniors, especially those with a disability, be neglected just because others are busy making a life for themselves. Thankfully, seniors today have the best of facilities to live as independently as possible and to enjoy the golden years of their life.

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Exercise? During the Holidays?

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As we are about embark upon our holiday fun and festivities let’s keep in mind that as much as we want to get away from what we typically do let’s not forget to do what we typically do when we are not on holiday break. That is exercise! WHAT!!!

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The Giggles

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Dr. Bloom and I recently debuted a scene from Macbeth at Spain Rehabilitation Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. The Scottish play, as Macbeth is often referred to, is dark, and that’s putting it mildly. Macbeth murders the King of Scotland at the urging of his wife, she gets mad at him for not planting the daggers on the sleeping grooms, then she murders someone, and on it goes! They both descend into madness with hand washing fetishes.

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Changes Large or Small

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As the ancient Chinese poet and philosopher Lao Tzu stated, “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

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