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Alternative Medicine: Attacking Chronic Pain Head On

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Chronic pain is a medical condition that affects the lives of millions of people daily, often for reasons that escape most doctors. It can be caused by nerve damage, several types of illnesses, or even psychological ailments like depression. Treatment for chronic pain also varies greatly, with some doctors prescribing several medicines to cover their patients’ many types of pain and other doctors recommending lifestyle changes to stop the pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, you may be feeling fed up with trying all the new medicines your doctor has been prescribing you in the search for the perfect solution to your particular type of pain, prompting you to consider other options. Luckily, although many more traditional doctors do not consider non-drug intervention to be a form of treatment, there are many other ways to treat chronic pain through behavioral changes that can be just as effective if not more so than pain relieving drugs. If you are looking for a new solution to your chronic pain, try some of these changes to your diet and behavior to significantly lessen or possibly even erase your pain:

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Toy guide for children with special needs

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Late last week, I stopped by my local Toys“R”Us to pick-up a few gifts. While walking into the store I passed a kiosk displaying the Toys“R”Us guide for differently-abled kids, I instantly picked up a copy and began to flip through it. Upon opening the Guide I found that not only were dozens of toys listed but next to each of the toys there was a picture stating which important developmental areas each specific toy could help to enhance. For example, according to the Guide, the Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail targets fine motor, visual, auditory, thinking and gross motor skill development.

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Lily’s Guide Dog

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The news of two Great Danes needing adoption has caught massive attention. The Shrewsbury Dogs Trust care, in Telford, England is looking for a home for the two gentle giants. What makes this story unique, and the reason why it has caught the attention of so many dog lovers across the country is because one of the dogs is the others’ seeing-eye dog.

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