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Five Cool Tips for Super -Efficient Weight Loss and Management

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People looking for weight loss techniques are raving about the wonders different diets and exercises are capable of achieving. We all live in a society where it has become a fad to look skinny, and everyone wants to shed all those pounds and flab in the blink of an eye. However, there’s no easy and fast way to do it. It is not always necessary to cause yourself much agony with all those forceful gym visits and not recommended to starve your body of food. Weight loss is over-hyped. Losing excessive weight needn’t be a complex, distressing, and depriving experience. Accomplishing a healthy body and a good weight management routine is achieved by following the simple pointers with minimal efforts listed below:

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The Most Nutritious Smoothies to Gulp Down This Week

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The body needs to be cleansed, taken care of, and made stronger. A nutritious smoothie made from fruits and vegetable can help you achieve all your health targets. Do keep in mind to opt for Greek yogurt as your choice of base for smoothies as it is a naturally occurring probiotic that will help your body in many ways. Probiotics improve digestion, reduces cold and flu, strengthen the immune system, produces more energy within the body, and heals inflammatory bowel disease.

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Strengthening for Shoulders

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Now that you understand a common cause of shoulder pain, and you have made some changes to your activities, you can start incorporating exercises to correct the strength imbalances. Specifically, you have to work the back muscles that don’t get enough exercise throughout daily activities that are using all of the pushing muscles. Strengthening these muscles will help keep the shoulder blade in its optimal position. Try doing the following shoulder exercises without resistance — it’s the best way to start incorporating them. Gradually increase resistance and repetitions as the pain decreases and the muscles get stronger. Start exercises in the least painful range. Ideally, you want to work in a pain-free range, but this may not be possible. Consider seeing your physical therapist to help guide you in performance and progression of these exercises.

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Addressing Shoulder Pain (part II)

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We discussed the causes of shoulder pain, now let’s look at how to make some changes to prevent it or improve it. When you use your arms to move yourself, resting the area, while ideal, is rarely possible. But here are some suggestions to modify your daily activities in order to decrease the stress you put on the shoulder joint.

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How Technology Will Improve Quality of Life for People with Paralysis

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Better computers and advances in neuroscience have created a recent flurry of progress in brain interface technologies and robotics. Now researchers are betting that these technological breakthroughs can pay big dividends for paralyzed patients. They can reduce the need for attendant care and improve the quality of life for the approximately six million people in the United States living with paralysis.

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The Purpose of Sport and Play

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What is the true purpose of sport and play? What constitutes the essential core of these activities? How do sport and play serve humanity and societies around the world?  We believe there are five dimensions to the purpose of sport and play – relationships, education, social change, health and joy. In analyzing and studying the purpose of sport, we believe these five dimensions can help us better articulate the power and contributions of sport and play in the world. 
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How To Stay Active And Healthy, Here are some tips

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Having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t be active and healthy at the same time. In fact, everyone needs daily exercise in their lives in order to feel good and improve body function and mood. The key is to ask your doctor about what’s right for you. For example, what will work well with any medications you’re taking, and how much exercise should you try to get in within a given week?

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Healthy and Disability

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Did you know that there is a significantly higher prevalence of smoking among people with a disability? In fact according to the CDC, the smoking rate for people with a disability is up to 50% higher than the national average. One in four adults with a disability smoke.

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Top 3 Ways To Build Muscle & Strength

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There are two reasons as to why I watch the Olympics/Paralympics, the first is the demonstration of just how strong some of us can be and the second is the way it causes all of us to realize; just how far behind we are and how much we can improve. If your motivation stems from watching the Olympics/Paralympics or you are just looking to quickly increase your athletic ability, then follow along as we reveal the 3 most effective ways to build muscle and strength.

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The Reason why we have the Paralympics?

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As we have finished watching an outstanding Olympic games we can fill the next two weeks with anticipation for the Paralympic games which be held September 8-17. The best part of these games is that they will be on the same TV channel as the Olympics. Now, I do look forward to the break! After being glued to my TV at night and on weekends I can use a little break. But not too long! Remember the Paralympics have about 19 different sports plus they will also be in the same beautiful city of Rio. What should not be forgotten about these Paralympic games is that there would be no Paralympic Games if it is was not for the effort of the athletes, NBC, USOC, IOC, Rio Olympic Committee and Dr. Ludwig Guttmann. Who is Dr. Guttmann?

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