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“Never Say Never” – Mrs. Nancy Scavuzzo (in memoriam)

“Never Say Never” - Mrs. Nancy Scavuzzo (in memoriam) Tagged with:

I didn’t realize how often I would think about those three words and the insight and wisdom shared by a woman I truly respected as a mother and grade school Principal.  I know I never expected or planned to write a book last year.

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Finding a balance in exercise and play

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The fitness industry understands only too well that many people will register for programs may be attend a few practices, then drop-out, or some cases simply not show up.  The best of intentions require a long commitment to see the goal fulfilled. For some organizations, their goal is to sell lengthy membership terms – often well in excess of their capacity if all members attended at the same time – in order to maximize profits.  Such business models rely on the fluctuating motivations of their members. Some fitness clubs / groups sports, especially those that have a fitness or weight loss focus, will expect a lack of exercise adherence from many of their participants, and a few – unethically – will not do much about it.

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The Taste of Chicago: A New Found Playground

The Taste of Chicago: A New Found Playground Tagged with:

Who doesn’t love summer in Chicago? The Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, concerts, museums and more!  Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness received an invitation to perform fitness activities at this year’s Taste of Chicago. Twenty years ago my main focus was sampling lots of food from favorite restaurants and listening to all those great bands along the city’s beautiful lakefront.  This year, Right Fit agreed to organize and instruct family fitness sessions during the opening day of the 2011 Taste.  Trainers, Jennifer Day, Kim Mueller and I were launched into our first session “Every Body Can Dance” and it became easy to create an atmosphere full of fun and energy with selected upbeat music.  Right Fit’s tent and demonstration area soon became “the playground” and we challenged everyone to Get in Shape and show First Lady Michelle Obama that Chicago understands the importance of family fitness!  Next we played “Move Your Body” and immediately the children, parents, and grandparents were moving and enjoying each other on their new found playground.

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Lights – Camera – Action!

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Karen Meyers, Contributing Reporter for WLS-TV Channel 7, dropped in for a visit to Right Fit Friday, May 20, 2011.  Karen’s primary purpose was to see our facility and observe the “Raise the Bar” class, which is our award-winning 60-minute fitness class for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  What a great opportunity we now had to share with WLS-TV’s viewers what Right Fit does to help these children increase their fitness levels.

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A Very Special Physical Education Class

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Research has found that youth with developmental disabilities tend to be less fit than their nondisabled peers, and I do fear the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle for these children and their families.  Maybe if more of us could believe the simple things we see and take time to apply these practices, daily positive results would come with a lot less effort and time.

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The Up & Down Emotions of a Diagnosis Part III: The Ongoing Battle of Acceptance

The Up & Down Emotions of a Diagnosis Part III: The Ongoing Battle of Acceptance Tagged with:

Up until that day I thought I had a good handle on my MS diagnosis. Up until today, I thought I’ve learned to accept it. I have not.

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How many T.V. commercials and magazine ads promise weight loss and the benefits of exercise? What if exercise not only helped you lose weight, but also raised your self-esteem? Two for the price of one…

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No Place Like Home

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One of my top priorities upon completion of my book (“101 Games and Activities for Youth with Autism”) was a return home to Pittsburgh to thank family, friends, and relatives for their support.

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One Step at a Time: Fitness for Seniors w/Disabilities

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Throughout the week at my fitness facility and off site locations, I work with older adults who are recovering from cancer, strokes, spinal cord injuries, dementia and falls.  The first thing I notice and admire is their determination and resolve to work hard.

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Getting Creative in the Fitness Center

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Because there is often a lack of inclusive equipment in community fitness centers, people with disabilities may have to get creative. More often than not, they must find ways to make use of the equipment that was not designed with their needs in mind. While having to find ways to use the existing equipment is not optimal, it may be necessary until more fitness centers provide equipment that is inclusive and accessible for everyone.

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