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Woman and Her Daughter File Lawsuit Against Fitness Club over Lack of Accessibility

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Carol Shultz, a woman with multiple sclerosis and that uses a wheelchair is suing a central Ohio fitness center for a lack of accessibility.  While the new fitness center, Urban Active, was still being built, Carol Schulz and her daughter signed up during a health fair.  Carol’s daughter, Amy,34, also uses a wheelchair as a result of having transverse myelitis when she was 19. She had planned to use the track to help strengthen her muscles so she could use a manual wheelchair.  Carol was told “they’d helped so many people like me”.

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Once People Get Inside, Is There Equipment They Can Use?

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I was browsing through some headlines today and noticed a theme I usually don’t see… There were several articles that discussed the inaccessibility of fitness equipment for people with disabilities and ways that things are starting to change (check out two articles here and here). This has become a fairly hot topic in the field of disability and physical activity over the past several years, but it is rare to see articles in the general media about it.

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