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My Sports Athlete/Person/Human of the Year.

My Sports Athlete/Person/Human of the Year. Tagged with:

Not very often do we get a chance to vote on who our favorite person is or what our favorite accomplishment would be if we had the chance. Oh, we can always dream about being Colin Kaepernick for a day or even LeBron James during the NBA Finals. But in today’s reality we are all faced with many hardships that life offers. Some of us have hardships that are here today and gone tomorrow, while some of us are blessed with hardships that last forever. 

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Mindfulness and Eating

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I am currently 8 months pregnant and have been reading a book on mindful childbirth to prepare myself for the big day. One of the concepts that the book’s author emphasizes is being mindful of the body through pregnancy and childbirth. You might be thinking how does this pertain to me, I’m not pregnant?

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Active Commuting for a Healthy Heart

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How do you get to where you’re going? Personally I like to use the car as little as possible. This might be because I am a poor graduate student who likes to save on gas, or because my car is a lease and I don’t want to put miles on it…but one of the best reasons to leave the car in the garage (or parking lot) is because active commuting is great for your health! Active commuting can decrease your risk for heart disease by more than 10% and also helps to manage your weight (Hamer and Chida, 2008).

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Married to the Chair

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I knew when I signed up for this, life would be different. I was prepared for certain aspects of my marriage to look different from everyone else’s. For example, I knew I would always be the one to take out the trash and hang the pictures on the wall, but those things come with some pretty nice trade offs like him being the one to always do the cooking and cleaning. Those things I was ready for and more than willing to trade in, but as the years have gone by I have come to realize there are so many more things I didn’t expect both good and bad things, fun and not so fun.  But this is our story, the one we both know we were intended to live, and if ever the bad starts to overshadow the good or the not so fun becomes really not fun at all, even though I may have my moments of weakness or times when my “ugly” shines through, I will never want pity or feel sorry for myself, as I feel some folks are quick to dish out,  because I know that whatever “fun” thing I think I am missing out on I know my husband has had to miss out on 100 more. And while I chose this life and this marriage he didn’t choose to have a spinal cord injury. So I just get over it and remember that life is good and regardless of circumstances I am truly blessed.

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Family, Friends, and Social Ties Influence A Person’s Weight

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Studies now show what we all suspected, people tend to hang out with others who have similar lifestyles, habits, interests and challenges. In a recent study of 288 young adults between age 18 – 25, people who were overweight were significantly more likely to have overweight friends and romantic interests.

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A Tribute to the Ones that Make it Possible

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Everywhere you look you can find some remarkable or touching story regarding those individuals that struggle every day because of some type of a disability, disease, or addiction that has consumed their lives. The individual must be able to endure whatever obstacles are thrown at them, no matter how big or how hard it may be.

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Perceptions can Change

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Since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 3 ½ years ago I have learned and become to believe that I was diagnosed for a purpose and that purpose was to help others facing a similar situation as myself either through fundraising, words of encouragement, or motivation as they watch to see what I am capable of accomplishing.

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Jetstar Bans Child with Disability From Boarding With Stroller

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A New Zealand family, flying with a child  requested to bring their stroller on the flight, but was denied. Theo, who is 2 years old has Down’s syndrome, and suffers from a rare condition, non-neurogenic neurogenic bladder, which can lead to renal failure. The family of 4 taking a short flight (on Jetstar), only had three carry-on bags for the trip, but were shocked when told Theo’s stroller could not be carried on as there was no room.

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Family To Be Deported from Canada Because of Daughter with Cerebral Palsy

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Six years ago, David Barlagne, his family, and his software company, moved to Canada. They had been trying to become legal citizens but their requests had been denied. In fact, Canada is deporting the Barlagne’s family because one of their daughters has Cerebral Palsy.

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Family Dance!

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I will be the first to admit that my family is not exactly ‘average’- whatever that may be.  But we DO have fun! Most evenings I turn on fast music with a good loud refrain, and we all dance around the house. We make dinner, set the table and straighten up the livingroom- while harmonizing with more volume than accuracy on the song’s catchy chorus line. Well, you know what they say, “Girls just wanna have fun”.

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