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Married to the chair – Just wait for it.

Married to the chair - Just wait for it. Tagged with:

It’s fall here in Alabama and every year I wait for these two trees at work to put on their party dresses and turn the most brilliant shade of red! Fall is by far my favorite time of year. Growing up in Miami I really didn’t get to experience what fall was all about; I mean palm trees don’t exactly change colors when October rolls around. So now every year I anxiously await the changing of the colors, and this year my two trees were slow to show. All the other leaves had changed and were starting to fall to the ground but not my two trees; they were just barely starting to turn. So every morning I would drive in to work to see if today would be the day they shined. And FINALLY after all the other trees had turned and I began to think that my two trees just weren’t going to show off this year- they did! So of course it got me thinking. Every year I give God the props for the beauty He created and those two gorgeous trees that just love to show off His handiwork. So why would I even doubt that their party dresses would eventually come out, which was a perfect reminder of LIFE this fall as well.

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