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2016 Global School Play Day

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The hassles and obligations of being an adult often make me wish that I was still a child growing up in my beautiful Puerto Rico. A wise educator once said:  “It is not that men quit playing because they grow old but men grow old because they quit playing.” WOW – there is so much truth to that statement. It is not a coincidence that my favorite memories bring me back to a rural neighborhood of Puerto Rico: the streets, the school yard, and a nearby rundown basketball court with concrete floors, no nets, and rusty metal boards. In these places, I learned to play, to be active, to socialize, and to become a pretty good athlete. I like to tell people that I was a pretty good athlete since there is no way to refute my argument unless you do some extensive research. Let’s face it – nobody has time for that so just take my word for it.

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Resolution to a Healthy Change

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Each year the pressure is on to make a change regarding health in January.  It seems easy to say you want a change.  However, making the commitment and keeping it, is a totally different outcome.  In speaking with other aquatic professionals, the one thing that rings true is MOVE.  Move forward into that change, mentally and physically.  Create in you, a self-commitment, even if it is just one thing in your life you have changed.  Here are some easy changes you can MOVE into:

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The Hidden Mental and Physical Benefits of Weight Loss and Exercise

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Sticking to a workout routine is not just a must to lose excess weight or tone up after the festive season. It also gives you loads of extra benefits, both physically and mentally. Here are some that will make you dust off your gym subscription.

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The Ingredients that Make a Difference in Your Recovery Protein

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What you do just after a rigorous workout may be nearly as important as the workout itself. During a particularly strenuous workout you will have lost considerable water, burned up a large quantity of stored glycogen and broken down red blood cells and muscle tissue. You may feel great that you have accomplished your daily goal and exhilarated by the effort, but your body needs immediate attention.

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Celebration of Life!

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It is interesting how we just came from being part of many year-end celebrations, yet January is considered celebration of life month. The celebration of the New Year is very much a reason to keep celebrating for the entire month of January. However, in regards to your life, there are many reasons to celebrate.

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Mind, Body, and Soul =Weight Loss

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Managing your weight can be a difficult goal to obtain and keep. From counting calories to the numerous diets available to knowing which gym facility to join or what exercises to do, the options can be overwhelming for someone that just wants to get started. It is even more challenging for someone with a special medical need. You add a whole new layer of obstacles on top of what we already mentioned. Don’t be discouraged before you start, or even after you start, for that matter. Weight management is a long and hard journey that requires your soul, mind, and body but it will change your life. Before we start I advise you consult your physician concerning changes in your lifestyle that affect your meals and physical activity. Now, let’s begin!

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Holiday Exercise?

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For the last 2 months, I have been in full swing rugby exercise mode. It is the height of athletic season. However, there is one thing that can slow down or even stop the growth of an athlete. The holidays!

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Tis’ the Season to be…

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At this time of the year as we look to buys gifts and decide who has been naughty and who has been nice. Let’s not forget to check ourselves.

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The benefits of handcycling!

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Cycling is fast becoming an exercise of choice for many people all over the world for a number of reasons. It is not only a preferred method of exercising your upper and lower limbs but it is also a form of recreation for many people. In addition to that, it is also a method of transportation for a number of people all over the world.

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Activity during the Fall

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In my 35 years as a quad amputee physical activity has been the main reason for my weight maintaining a consistent variable. This has been advantages for me staying active. The problem at times has been trying to find the time, activities or just exercises in general to maintain and advance my physical fitness. With over 54 million people with disabilities and only a few being physically fit, I fall into a category in which secondary health conditions can be an issue as I advance in my age. Hence, it is imperative that I develop, maintain and increase my physical fitness regimen. 

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